Apple Inc Swot Analysis

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Apple Inc SWOT Analysis

Apple Inc SWOT Analysis


Apple is committed in design, development and trading of personal computers (PCs), servers, communication apparatus, mesh solutions, portable digital music players, and associated accessories, software and services. The company's portfolio of offerings comprises Mac computing schemes, iPods line of portable digital music and video players, iPhone handsets, iPad portable multimedia and computing apparatus, and servers. The company's software submissions include Mac OS, iLife, iWork and internet applications such as Safari and QuickTime, amidst others.

The business mostly functions in the US. It is head quartered in Cupertino, California and uses 34,300 workers. The business recorded incomes of $42,905 million during the financial year completed September 2009 (FY2009), an increase of 14.4% over 2008. The increase in incomes was mostly due to development in sales of iPhone handsets, and third-party digital content and applications from the iTunes Store. The operating earnings of the business was $11,740 million in FY2009, an increase of 41% over 2008. (Montgomery, 2008) Its snare earnings was $8,235 million in FY2009, an increase of 34.6% over 2008. Note: In the first quarter of FY2010, Apple taken up the new accounting values on a retrospective basis. As a outcome, the company's financial statements have been adjusted to contemplate the retrospective adoption of the new accounting principles. Hence, its economic in the present report may not match with before described figures.


The apple fruit Computer was incorporated in 1997. It was co-founded by Steven Wozniak and marketed by Steven Jobs. They presented the first apple fruit I computer in 1976. The apple fruit I was a malfunction but apple fruit II launched in 1980 was successful. The business offered its IPO in the year 1980. In the early eighties, affray from the PC market and interior adversities commanded to critical administration changes. By 1983, Apple encountered danger with the entry of IBM into the PC market, and the failure of its Apple III version computer. Apple introduced its first mouse driven computer, the Macintosh in 1984.

During 2001, the company acquired Power School, one of the leading providers of web-based student information systems for K-12 schools and school districts. (West, 2003) Also in 2001, the company acquired Spruce Technologies, a privately held company involved in developing and marketing DVD authoring products. In the following year, Apple, Ericsson and Sun Microsystems formed an alliance to create a standard format for delivering multimedia content to wireless devices, such as smart phones and PDAs. The alliance combined Apple's QuickTime video creation software, Sun's content distribution software and hardware, and Ericsson's mobile infrastructure and services expertise.

In June 2005, the business made agreement to use Intel microprocessors in its Macintosh computers. Later in the year, the business cooperated with Acura, Audi, Honda and Volkswagen to consign iPod with their car stereos for 2006 form lines and also presented wireless telephone with iTunes in collaboration with Motorola and Cingular Wireless. (Apple Inc. Annual Reports, 2006)

Products and Services Analysis

The company recorded revenues $13,931 million during the fiscal year ended 2005, an ...
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