Application Of Scientific Methods To Forensic Science

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Application of Scientific Methods to Forensic Science

Application of Scientific Methods to Forensic Science


The aim of this research paper is to discuss the importance of scientific methods in the field of forensic sciences. The notion of scientific methods is of utmost importance to the investigation of crime and subsequent punishment to offenders. Moreover, scientific methods are also important to prevent any future mishap and the safety of the public.


With the passage of time and the advent of the 21st century, experts have established forensic science as a collection of scientific tools and methods. Primarily, the application of forensic science is due whenever a crime is conducted and the main goal of law enforcing authorities and crime anthropologists, psychologists and investigation experts is to provide evidence whenever a crime has been committed and also to sketch and identify how the crime could have been committed (Turvey 2002).

Literally, scientific method is a rational and logical approach of investigating how or why something happened in the manner it happened or how it is going to occur in the foreseeable future. Technically, this scientific method is performed after analyzing all the facts and evidence at hand and subsequently developing a hypothesis, which is to either approved or negated after all the evidences, including witnesses and offender's statement is gathered. The basic foundation of scientific method is devised in such a manner that it doesn't include judgments and subjective opinions and rather reverts to objective and rational observations which are reached after profound analysis and critical analysis. As concluded and researched thoroughly by literary investigator, scientific method is a problem solving approach which ensures the authenticity and efficacy of the data and information which is concluded after an investigative inquiry. The rigidity of the scientific method is undeniable and only scientifically proven facts could substantiate objective claims against the hypothesis.

With reference to forensic science, scientific methods are of utmost importance as the lives of various innocent are at stake. Moreover, it is also invalid and unjustified to accuse and punish the wrong individual for the wrongdoings or crime of other individuals on the basis of any subjective opinions and facts. This is the reason that scientific methods are rigorously applied to forensic science. As far as the application of scientific methods to forensic science is concerned, there are four comprehensive steps and/or procedures of scientific method (Saferstein 2011).

Steps in Scientific Method

Observation or investigation is the preliminary step in the extensive procedure of scientific methods. This stage is marked by the collection of all forensic evidence at the crime scene. On the basis of all information gathered, certain questions are devised which potentially address the essence of when, how and where did the facts originated. For example, if the convict performed certain prohibitory behavior, why did he or she acted in a particular manner, and most importantly how.

The first stage is preceded by the establishment of hypothesis on the basis of facts and figures collected. This is an educated guess about the questions raised in ...
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