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Application paper

Application paper

Management is a system of governance in the market or the market economy, which suggest the orientation of firm demand and market needs, the constant desire to improve efficiency at the lowest cost in order to obtain optimal results (Ackerman, 2000 ). Supervision is the action and effect of supervision, that is to say, to perform the inspection work performed by another person. One who oversees is in a position of hierarchical superiority insofar as this person has the ability or right to determine / decide whether the action is going well supervised or not.

In addition, the term supervisor is applicable at all levels of management to direct the activities of others. Supervisor of the quality of work depends on the performance of employees under their charge, the motivation to each of them individually and of course, the attitude to internal and external customers. The supervisor has the responsibility to evaluate and coordinate the work of all their employees (Ackerman, 2000 ). Currently the supervisor ceases to be an operator and is the leader of the group, should specialize in human behavior.

Management - the process of planning, organization, motivation and control, necessary to formulate and achieve the organization's goals. The essence of management is to optimize the utilization of resources (land, labor, capital) to achieve their goals. Management is the implementation of a number of interrelated functions: Planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Robbins, 2003).

1. Planning. This function sets the goals of the organization, tools and best practices to achieve these goals. An important element of this function is the forecasts of possible directions of development and strategic plans. At this stage, the firm must determine what the real results it can achieve, assess their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the state of the environment (economic conditions in the country, acts of government, the trade unions, the actions of competing organizations, consumer preferences, public opinion, the development technologies). Suppose the firm is a goal to increase sales. Problem in this case may be: a) an increase in the number of wholesale buyers of products, b) improving the quality and competitiveness of products, c) reduction of production costs and, consequently, lower its price, d) a large-scale advertising campaign, etc (Neil, 2002).

2. Organizing. This function generates the control structure of the organization and provides it with everything you need (people, capital goods, money, materials, etc.). That is, at this stage, the conditions for achieving the goals of the organization. Good organization of the staff can be more effective (Robbins, 2003).

3. Leading: is the process of encouraging others to work to achieve the goals of the organization. In performing this function, the head carries the material and moral incentives for employees, and creates favorable conditions for developing their skills and professional "growth." With good motivation staff organization carries out its duties in accordance with the objectives of the organization and its plans. The process involves the creation of incentives for workers to meet their needs, given the proper performance of ...
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