Application-Inter Professional Network

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Application-Inter professional Network

Application-Inter professional Network


This case study is about two main people Chahana and John, who fall in love with each other and got married. Both have different interests and career paths to follow. In first few panels it can be viewed that Chahana become more successful as compared to John, which makes John envious and he started working more and more, which results in less time spending with her wife. Later on the couple receives a godsend and John get more appropriate job. In his new position John narrowly out-earn Chahana which makes him happy and their life again become comfortable. When their family increased from two to four, their income fell short and tension aroused again. For earning more and more John started bring busy more outside the home. Afterwards, Chahana fell seriously ill and needed someone for help in home chores and children upbringing. As John couldn't give time for this he called his cousin Sydney to help Chahana. With the passage of time children as well as Chahana grew closer to Sydney and away from John, which made John jealous and one day he found out the sexual relationship between his wife and cousin, which made him madly angry and started fighting them. All this turned out worst as Chahana got hurt and later on they separated because Chahana needed a right life partner and father for her children. Thus, the main issues among them are employment issues, income crisis, child care issues, Chahana's health issue, home care taking issue.


The main issue in this case study is John's professional life, which isn't very successful and due to that all other problems have aroused between him and Chahana. Therefore, an appropriate interprofessional network development should focus this issue mainly.

An inter professional network for community welfare organizations ...
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