Applied Research Methods

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Applied research methods

Applied research methods

In order to make significant and lengthy conclusions, we shall be discussing the accountability of research that have undertaken towards identifying the feasibility of a multinational manufacturing corporation towards establishing a plant, which shall help us better evaluate and act upon a more firm and active proposition accordingly. For taking a decision which is a much big for your company or your company's output, one should consider doing research. Research approach which we are going to use here would be Quantitative research and Qualitative research. Data would be taken from primary as well as secondary resources. Deductive research approach would be used, where the general data would move towards the specific data. (Creswell, 2008)

Problem Statement

In order for a company to make functional amendments within the organization to better improve its current efficiency and expand its entire business accordingly, organizations generally make way to look out for primary research tools and utensils in order to better comprehend and adopt the best alternative, which fulfills the ROI concept. Generally, ROI is identified and marked as a financial ratio, which stands for 'Return on Investment'; however, in this context, ROI are three different characteristics, which help us identify and acquaint the relevancy, operationality and the overall impact that a particular tangible or intangible commodity shall have on the overall running of the organization (Creswell, 2008).

When considering the understanding of the research, two broad options are available in order to better understand the market for current existing organizations and potential organizations willing to enter the market. These alternatives are primary research and secondary research (Campbell, 2003). Although secondary research (also called ethnographic research) would help us to get descriptive data in a normal setting, with respect to opening up a plant, primary research can greatly gave an insight regarding the costs and benefits involved, through which we can achieve the depths of either accepting or rejecting the overall proposition undertaken. It would give the answers of all basic questions we would be requiring for our new business plant. This approach would help us to cover many variables such as how the things are, why they came to be that way, and what does that mean. It will not mediate or control anything but only provides us with the data that would benefit our research. Our research which is on investigating the feasibility of the multi-national setting up a new plant would go to another level. (Campbell, 2003)

Thus, the problem statement for this study shall to 'understand the feasibility of setting up of a manufacturing plant for a multinational company.'

Research Aims and Objectives

For this time of research undertaken, the main research aims and objective shall be:

•The market demand of the product produced in the market;

•To analyzing the overall financial portfolio of the company;

•Understanding the average consumption of the product being produced keeping in view of a certain time period;

•Make comprehension regarding all probabilities that may cause hurdles or hindrances in the process of understanding the processes ...
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