Applying The Congruence Model To Skype

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Applying the Congruence Model to Skype

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Applying the Congruence Model to Skype


The congruence model given by Tadler and Tushman (1980) specifies the outputs of an organization. This model suggests that the organization produces various outputs at the organizational, group, as well as at the individual level. However, it is the congruence of these outputs that matters the most for the success of the organization. The organization will only achieve effectiveness when there is a high degree of consistency in these elements of organizational outputs. Hence, the actual outputs of the organization will be effective if there is high congruence between the component outputs of the organization (Nadler and Tushman, 1980).

Skype is one of the most successful businesses of the world. Currently, it offers text, voice, and video chat and interaction software to its customers. Additionally, the customers can use the Skype product through their computers, mobile phones, or through their televisions to interact and share anything (Skype, 2012).

Applying the congruence model to Skype

Organizational outputs

The organizational outputs of Skype are varied. It is an autonomous division of the Microsoft Corporation and is located in Luxembourg. Its main product or the organizational output is the Skype software and system. Currently, it has offered this software for other users as well as for the business users. Now, Skype has also introduced multiple other products that aim to provide the Skype on other media such as the mobile phones, television, and the web (Caukin, 2011). Very recently, Skype has introduced the latest version of the product for various televisions. These range from the Panasonic to the television sets provided by Sony and Samsung.

Skype is doing very well as far as its organizational performance is concerned. It aims at becoming ubiquitous. Its performance is very good. Currently it has more than 7 million downloads for the iPhone. It has more than 170 million active users. These users average 100 minutes of engagement. The average time of the video call has been 27 minutes, which is very good.

However, there are also certain challenges that Skype has to meet. First, its use by the Canadian customers is very low. Then, it also has to deal with the problem of legislative hurdles in the United States for the penetration of its version for the business. Also, its product is not being used by all businesses, but only the small businesses are using this product (Courtney, 2011).

Group outputs

Skype is organized as an autonomous unit of Microsoft. Therefore, it is a division of Microsoft but is quite independent. Therefore, the groups at Skype include the various functional departments of Skype. These functional departments include the products and marketing, business development, operations, finance, and the legal and regulatory department (Skype, 2012). The functional performance of these departments could be measured as either these departments are profit or cost centers. The profit centers will produce profits as the major output. However, the cost centers will have other performance indicators depending on their outputs.

However, it is clear ...
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