Approaches To Injury Prevention In Adolescent Football: A Systematic Review

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Approaches to Injury Prevention in Adolescent Football: A Systematic Review



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In this study we endeavour to explore the notion of football injuries in adolescents in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on prevention of injuries and its relation with the game of football. The research also analyzes many aspects of adolescent injuries and tries to gauge its effect on the performance of the young players. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for football concussions and tries to describe the overall effect of prevention of injuries on football.

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Background of the study6

Problem Statement7

Research Aims and Objectives7

Significance of the Study8

Rationale/ Nature of the study8

Research Question9

Injury Preventative Activities13

Injury Prevention Methods linked to the footballer14

Traumatic Injuries15


Overuse Wounds16

Heat Injuries16


Research Design20

Literature Search20

Definition of Qualitative Research21

Research Method22

Literature Selection Criteria22

Search Technique22

Keywords Used:23

Theoretical Framework23



Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of the study

Football is one of the most famous sports in the world. Regrettably, many young players receive knee injuries during the game. Injuries commonly take place and represent a severe setback irrespective of the level of playing. The injury that is most common and attracts the highest consideration is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

This concussion normally makes long nonappearances from football and at times, players even have to give up their career because the injury makes them unable to play the game again. ACL accidental injury is likewise connected with an altered danger of a new injury to the knee. There is also a chance of developing long-run medical impairment related to osteoarthritis. There are, nevertheless, very few enquired components of risk for ACL injury in the game of football. First, numerous researches have indicated a more eminent occurrence among young people as compared to adult players because low age poses greater danger factor for young players and the risk appears to be highest during the late pubertal or first post-pubertal years. Also, football match plays are associated with a substantially higher hazard of ACL concussion rather than the training sessions.

Various other possible risk factors have been known to exist in the game of football related to injuries. For instance, the biomechanical and anatomical factors have been known to exist in the game but this type of injuries lack scientific manifestation. Recently, however, it has been supposed that a high frequency of football match as well as senior level match play can pose potential risk factor among adolescent ...
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