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Architecture is considered an effective process and product of planning, designing and constructing. In the form of buildings, architecture is often referred to as cultural and traditional symbols and master piece of art. Many historical civilizations of many nations all across the globe are identifies with many of their architectural achievements (Corbusier, 1985, pp 63) As far as building are concerned, architecture is associated with the process of planning, designing and constructing various forms and ambience that represent the functional, social and aesthetic considerations. It involves the creative manipulation and also requires adequate coordination of the materials and technology in order to get the most beautiful results. I short, it can be stated that the process of architecture defines the structure and the behavior of any building which is being constructed (Elizabeth, 2001, pp 51)

Thesis statement

In the field of architecture the aesthetic, functionality and economics are equally important and essential.


Since the 1980s, the field and concept of architecture became multi disciplinary with specializations in each and every project. With the passage of time, with increase in specialization of every project, architecture and the complexity of buildings also increased. There has been a separation between the two disciplines of design architect and project architect. The process of planning and designing of any large and complex building have become very complicated and they required detailed analysis of the durability, reliability and the cost which will be associated with it (David, 1974, pp 73) If a large and complex building is to be constructed, it requires hard work and expertise of many qualified individuals. At the end of the 20th century, along with aesthetic, function and structure of the architectural design, sustainability and the economy has also gained importance. Many studies have been conducted which have revealed that all the three factors are essential while conducting the architectural process. When building, one must focus on the beauty and the purpose but also how the design can be environmental friendly in terms of production.


As we all aware of the fact that architecture is referred to as visual art such as painting and sculpture. With the help of architecture, a team designs buildings by adopting a systematic and creative process in which all elements are involved to develop a unified and artistic statement. The architecture of any complex and large building has a definite function and it must be designed and developed by keeping the safety in account (Fletcher, 1997, pp 36)

In terms of architecture, along with aesthetic the functionality and economics are equally important and essential. One of the factors which are essential is aesthetic of the architecture. Whenever we look and examine the building we identify and analyze the various aesthetic elements that make up the overall design of the architectural building. The aesthetic elements of the building include the shape, color and texture of the building. The aesthetic elements of the architecture enables in bringing art into the day to day lives of people. As people and humans need colorful, designer ...
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