Architecture In Roman Empire

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Architecture in Roman Empire

Architecture in Roman Empire

Question One: Was ancient Roman architecture was testimony of the Roman civilization?

It is characterized by the grandiose buildings, and its strength has enabled many of them endure to this day. The organization of the Roman Empire normalized the building techniques so that you can see buildings are very similar to thousands of kilometers from each other.

The architecture of Rome has its origins in the Etruscan, coupled with influences from the Greek, especially after the Punic Wars (146 BC) and therefore, presents features of both. Today is Roman architecture dating from the date it was built the first track (Aqua Appia), the year 312 BC By this time, and during the conquests of Rome in Sicily and in the same Greece, the Roman generals were often worn as a trophy of his victories large number of artistic objects. On the other hand, the Greeks and Etruscans artists, attracted by the economic power of the lady of the Mediterranean, brought to Rome and even taste the passion for the Fine Arts and at those schools have created their own artists.

The following three monuments will clearly outline the answer of our question:

* The Forum of Augustus: the Forum of Augustus arranged in a manner similar to that of the Greeks (although it took much more than including the roundabout) until at last been modified to decrease the number of columns or replacing exterior pilasters domed building but without the accused outside the arc in bóbeda or rectangular temples.

* Domus Aurea: Domus Aurea consisted of sencilamente on a trail or CIPO sculpture or a simple headstone on the niche that kept the remains and other especially during the Empire was sumptuous mausoleums like the mole Adriana (now Castle Santangelo) and the tomb of Metellus Cecilia in ...
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