Are Hiv Patients Being Treated Unfairly

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Are HIV Patients Being Treated Unfairly

Are HIV Patients Being Treated Unfairly


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus from the family of Retrovirus and cause AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. In AIDS humans' immune system fails and allows life threatening infections and cancers. In HIV important cells of the body immune system are infected which includes Helper T cells, macrophages and Dendritic cells. In helper T cell it mostly hit CD$*T which leads to low CD4*T. hitting CD4*T is done through three ways i) infected cells are directly killed ii) rate of apoptosis increase in infected cells and iii) kill CD4*T by CD8. If CD4*T decline below the limits then it means that body can be attacked by more infections openly.

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of HIV

Ethical principles and policies are designed to protect rights who are suffering from HIV, give maximum welfare to them and to do their treatment without harming them. According to the weight of these policies certain groups are chosen for ART. Her some ethical issues come that which group must be choose and why that specific and not others for the ART treatment. Societies and individuals give weights to ethical principles according to themselves ad try to reach to decisions. In the decisions can be defensible in regards of ethics. In order to address the issues of HIV by doing ethical analysis helps in promoting policies which are considered ethically defensible and are acceptable to stand against all the criticism (World Health Organization, 2005).

Fair Policies and Procedures

The code of ethics provided by American academy of HIV medicine applies to all those who are associated by AAHIVM which includes HIV specialists, HIV expert or pharmacist. All those who have taken credentials by AAAHIVM whether they are members, members, and non-providers are all referred to as AAHIVM providers. The ...
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