Are There Characteristics That Predispose One To Becoming A Victim?

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Are there characteristics that predispose one to becoming a victim?

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Are there characteristics that predispose one to becoming a victim?


The culture and civilization of ancient Hebrews lay down the concept of victim. Victim literal meaning was to sacrifice or fortify. In other words, the discrimination of a person to satisfy yourself. Many additional meanings were added to this “victim” over the years. In 1940s, the term victim was referred as anyone who is in some unfortunate situation. This unfortunate situation can be any sort of suffering, destruction, mistreatment, abuse. The early definition of victim implies the difference of power between two people. This means that one person is superior over another. Today, victim has a different meaning which has no context to what early assumption and definition were. At present, victim means anyone who suffers from any grievance, hammering, defeat and damage. There are times this word is also used in an indiscriminately context e.g. flood victim, crime victim etc.

Victim of any situation can be divided into two norms

Primary victim

Secondary victim

Primary victims are those who are directly injured with the prevailing injury or loss where by secondary victim are those who are associated with the victim or are a close relative who indirectly get damaged and hurt by the loss beard by the actual victim (Coulter, 2002).

Characteristics that Predispose one to Becoming a Victim

Many characteristics are present the serve to be the predispose one in becoming a victim. These characteristics are made depending and varying on age, sex, race, color social status and cultural background. It may seem difficult to understand the connection of these characteristics in determining whether a person will become a victim in the future or not. The reality is that these things play a very vital role in one becoming a future victim of a crime, injustice, or abuse. There are some characteristics that work alone while some combine with other that all together help work in making one a victim.

Human Gender

Human gender plays a very important in one's life. Many people do not consider this a prominent characteristic, but researches have suggested that the victim is selected and offended by the aggressor on a gender basis many times. Females are supposedly victimized the most. Females are likely to be victimized of rape or other sexually abuse. The reason can either be personal revenge or jealous or any other personal intention. Studies have also suggested that females are more likely to predict their attackers in comparison to males. Males are quite weak in determining who their attackers can be. The reason why females are able to know who their attackers are due to the choice they make of having relationship partner. Usually women are made the victim of sexual abuse, rape and violence. Whereby, males are made the victim of very serious and vicious crimes. Sometime they can be take victims live too. That is why male are considered strong and fit as they can become victim anytime. To face their attacker ...
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