Arguing Immigration

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Arguing Immigration: The Debate Over the Changing Face of America Touchstone

Arguing Immigration: The Debate Over the Changing Face of America Touchstone


Ideally, any person could live with dignity in their country of origin and not have to emigrate forced by poverty and a life without expectations. In this area most of the principles we basically agree, but the problem comes when you have to go to the wishes of the facts, from theory to reality. In the matter of immigration, as in many other subjects, is more comfortable staying in the field of intentions and ideas, in that space where apparently there are no doubts that we are not challenged by the events around us. It is easy, for example, proclaim the worldwide fraternity or opening of national borders, but, yes, there are whip whose turn it is to resolve conflicts that generates the real problem.

Modern democratic societies are provided with rules and forms of organization that somehow or other we all accept and share are the ground rules underlying human relationships that make possible the coexistence of different citizens. These rules are not perfect, but fail unless we live in relative peace, the law of the jungle will not rule our lives and we do not kill each other in the streets (Mills & Morrison, 1994). Most human problems are not there to be solved completely, but to be contained, channeled, so just stay at that level controlled to allow us to have an existence most moderately happy. I do not recall what happened when a leader or a political regime wanted to establish a utopian vision of the world, a kind of paradise on Earth, and misfortunes to which this concept has led us.


With immigration can also be tempted utopian or, conversely, limiting ourselves to be humble and rational to try to solve the challenges that we face the phenomenon. And we must recognize that we have acted on this issue with some irresponsibility and improvisation (Mills & Morrison, 1994). First when we become a country that welcomed immigrants without a plan that came from all over the world. Second, when we refuse to understand that circumstances were changing and the need to control migratory flows and if we did not want them to appear worrisome reactions in society.

Who can deny that orderly immigration is good for a country? Immigrants have contributed to the development of the Region and the rest of Spain, have carried out the work that Indigenous people did not want to play, have purchased homes in suburbs and consumed goods have helped to increase national income. All that is true, as true as many foreigners have been victims of the flood of migration that Spain has had, and as true as others have taken advantage of our impromptu act to shop around for the homeland and activities not just copies.

The entry of foreigners in the form of alluvial lived our country has produced problems of adaptation, marginalization and poverty in the immigrant ...