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Argumentative Essay: King Lear by Shakespeare

Argumentative Essay: King Lear by Shakespeare


The study focuses on issue that which aspect of the king Lear by Shakespeare is important to live in an ordered and supportive world that includes justice or mercy. The act of the king Lear by Shakespeare reflects that it is important that justice should be present as it is a significant element while making a decision; moreover, this factor also leads to the mercy as well.


Firstly, when it comes to similarities, it may be said that both King Lear and Willy seem to be arrogant and pride themselves quite a bit. King Lear seemed to think very highly of himself and felt that he should be flattered a lot by people which are made evident in Act 4 scene 1 when he asks his three daughters to profess their love for him in the best way that they could. He also never seemed like he wanted to be told that he was wrong or making the wrong decisions. This was made evident in Act 1 scene 1 when Kent was trying to let King Lear realize that he was making some wrong choices and maybe he should reconsider his decision and Lear instead of taking what Kent said into consideration, banished him from the kingdom instead. Similarly, Willy seemed to believe that he was well liked by many and had too much pride in himself that he did not even want to take the job his friend and neighbor, Charley, had offered him. He felt as though he was not supposed to ask his friend for a job or work for his friend because he had a job of his own. Even if that present job was not giving him money for him to fairly live.

Secondly, it ...
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