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ARSENAL Football Club

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Current position of Arsenal Football Club3

ARSENAL business model5

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Arsenal in the community9

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Arsenal Double Club11

Bright future of Arsenal12

Arsenal Soccer Schools13

Business Strategy13

Competitive advantage13

Appropriate model14

Arsenal Football16



ARSENAL Football Club


What make sports leagues, teams, and athletes so successful are the fans who follow them. Fans purchase tickets buy apparel, and watch their favorite teams and athletes on television. The networks of fans that follow professional sports, for example, can be counted in millions of spectators who attend the contests. Fans ordinarily connect with other fans through fan clubs and other networks such as fantasy sports. Fantasy sports or rotisseries are games that allow players to act as owners of teams that compete against other fantasy team owners.

Arsenal quite clearly began his speech with the formation of the Premier League FA Cup wins outright and League Cup. However, the coveted championship trophy did not give in Arsenal until 1998, when a new coach Arsenal Wenger on his second attempt to conquer the championship managed to Albion. Under the supervision of the French specialist Arsenal stamp washed off the jaded team, remember all the attractive football to be shown from year to year.

Eight consecutive seasons under Arsenal Wenger's starting. Arsenal has never fallen below the second line for the championship of England (Bellamy, 2003). Moreover, the Frenchman picked up the stellar heights of such players as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp and many others, at the same time issued the golden double in the 2001/02 season.

In 2006, the "Gunners" for the first time in its history, managed to reach the finals of the main European club tournament Champions League, becoming the first London team to succeed. The gold medal then went to the Spanish Barcelona. In 2003/04 Arsenal not only won the English Premier League, but also never lost a match in the championship, becoming the undefeated champion. Altogether, they managed to play 49 matches without defeat, which became a national record.


Arsenal Football Club was founded in1886 and now has in excess of 27 million fans around the world. It ranked third most valuable football team throughout the world by Forbes. In 1927, it broadcasted the first English League match, live on radio (Pederson, 2006). After a decade, it broadcasted its first match live on television screens. Arsenal continues to be in the vanguard of new media with around four million followers on Twitter.

The club was founded by a group of workers weapons plant near Woolwich and became known as Dial Square, soon changed to Royal Arsenal. The team received professional status in 1891 and again changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal. Woolwich prefix finally disappeared in the 1913/14 season when the club moved to the stadium "Highbury".

In 1893, the "Gunners" have joined the second battalion of England, and in 1904 went on increasing. However, the golden years of the team came only with the arrival of Herbert Chapman in ...
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