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Compare Noveau Art and Pop Art Periods

Compare Noveau Art and Pop Art Periods

Noveau Art Period and Pop Art Period

Noveau and Pop Art have various similarities in their art styles and both originated in the late 18th century. Art Nouveau is an creative action that appeared in the late nineteenth 100 years and is projected into the first decades of the twentieth century. One of the major characteristics of Art Nouveau is that it adapts to the attenuating components of up to date life which is so intimately connected to developed output, evolving into two aspects: architecture and graphic design. In general, the period Art Nouveau characteristics all the creative movements of the late nineteenth 100 years, leaving behind the customary, liked to conceive certain thing new.

Art Nouveau is the end of an epoch in the history of art, which includes 30 years or so and it starts around 1880 and ends around in 1910. In most countries and languages, the French term Art Nouveau was adopted for these styles of modern art. The term Art Nouveau stretches of the first beginnings of the Arts and Crafts movement in England until the buildings already representing the first stage of the Art Deco or Bauhaus. It is a style whose origins do not result directly in European history but it is experimental in nature, born of abandoning the dominant style, almost as a counterpoint.

This style was a key initiative of the modern architectural reality and a kind of basic unit that transmitted the great cultural heritage of the nineteenth century to the next. The origins of Art Nouveau is in the Gothic Revival, Arts and Crafts movement, the construction of iron, the fashion for oriental objects, taste new techniques linked to individuals such as the curvature of the wood. All these components make a contribution to the birth of a new language. But it was not just an architectural style. It covered all the customs of the time, is the conclusion of a long evolution of cultural issues and variations in taste.

Ground for the emergence of Art Nouveau was the mess in the styles of the late 19th century Europe, which toppled into one pot imitating the old styles (called "historicism") and eclecticism. Also worth noting is the jump of technology and the beginning of the transition from craft production to mass production. The first steps as a Modern Style begins with painting and drawing. The main form of ornament and decoration of the new style becomes a curved line, like a lock of hair or bend the stem of the plant. The interior has a distinct style of decorative and applied nature-oriented imitation of natural forms.

By the end of the 19th, early 20th century Art Nouveau style as the line gets international distribution.

Pop Art was an important artistic movement of the twentieth century which is characterized by the use of images of popular culture from the media, such as advertising, comic books, cultural objects "mundane" and the world of ...
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