Asian Growth

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Asian Growth

Asian Growth


The growth of the Asian cities has been phenomenal, and it has been faster than the countries in the West. Growth in countries has an impact mainly because of five aspects that have been attributed to population dynamics, economic markets, socio-political conditions, poor planning and disregarding environmental hazards such as flood plains. However, from these five aspects, the most important aspect that has been the main motivator of urban growth in the Asian cities is socio-political conditions.

Socio-Political Conditions


The most significant features that greatly impact the Asian countries today are the socio-political conditions in the economies. However, there have also been many countries particularly in Asia that have been politically controlled by the military. The period after the war was in which many Asian countries such as Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka and many other have been under the control of the military. Moreover, military taking over the politics in the developing Asian countries is more widespread. However, the way in which the military rules a country varies from the way it is controlled under a democratic government. Since the military is strict, they implement rules and regulations. Moreover, when a country is under the control of military, its inflation is controlled, and law and order is maintained. This aspect is more common in the developing countries in Asia. These include Pakistan and Afghanistan where the country has been more prosperous under military rule rather than when it is under a democratic government.

Foreign Aid

There are many Asian countries that are run by a democratic government. Although some are doing quite well, there are many that are not doing so well, and this is mainly because of the people in power who are corrupt. However, the countries that have achieved growth fully utilized the ...
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