Assignment 2, 2000 Words, Research Methods Assignment Details

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Assignment 2, 2000 words, Research methods assignment details

Cultural diversity in Entrepreneurial Teams


In this paper I have chosen the article of cultural diversity in entrepreneurial teams. This paper explores how entrepreneurs from different national cultures deal with cultural diversity of their entrepreneurial teams. The explorative research looks at six case studies in different stages of the venture process (Denzin, 2000). The paper delivers insights from early to later phases of start-ups. From the case-study research and theoretic considerations the paper develops different propositions. Core findings are: first, in cross-cultural teams monochronic/low-context/high-space entrepreneurs strongly structure tasks. Second, polychronic/high-context/low-space founders tend to supply external contacts to the diverse team (Kaner, 2006). Third, polychronic/high-context/low-space founders have a propensity to stimulate communication procedures. Fourth, enhanced communication in cross-cultural teams seems to be related to creativity. At last, monochronic/low-context/high-space founders tend to deny positive effects from cultural diversity.


What are the benefits to the research design and approach?

The research design and method chosen in this article is both qualitative and quantitative. There are multiple types of qualitative research used in this article including formal and informal focus groups, round tables, feedback forms, Webinars, seminars, usability studies, etc(Margoluis, 2008). This is beneficial for this article because these meetings can include internal participants (sales, management, customer service, engineering, etc.) or external participants such as analyst, press, existing customers, prospects, governing committees, and others.

Qualitative research expands the range of knowledge and understanding of the world beyond the researchers themselves. It often helps us see why something is the way it is, rather than just presenting a phenomenon. For instance, a quantitative study may find that students who are taught composition using a process method receive higher grades on papers than students taught using a product method (Marshall, 2003). However, a qualitative study of composition instructors could reveal why many of them still use the product method even though they are aware of the benefits of the process method.

Qualitative research shares these characteristics. Additionally, it seeks to understand a given research problem or topic from the perspectives of the local population it involves. Qualitative research is especially effective in obtaining culturally specific information about the values, opinions, behaviours, and social contexts of particular populations.

The strength of qualitative research in this article is its ability to provide complex textual descriptions of how people experience a given research issue. It provides information about the “human” side of an issue - that is, the often contradictory behaviours, beliefs, opinions, emotions, and relationships of individuals. Qualitative methods are also effective in identifying intangible factors, such as social norms, socioeconomic status, gender roles, ethnicity, and religion, whose role in the research issue may not be readily apparent (Pretty, 2005). When used along with quantitative methods, qualitative research can help us to interpret and better understand the complex reality of a given situation and the implications of quantitative data. Although findings from qualitative data can often be extended to people with characteristics similar to those in the study population, gaining ...
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