Assignment 4

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Assignment 4: Legal and Ethical Aspects on Health and Social Care

Assignment 4: Legal and Ethical Aspects on Health and Social Care


Health and social care is major concern for the service providers. It is considered as the major responsibility of the state and concerned departments to facilitate every individual about their basic right for the health and social care. It is only possible if all the concerned departments and agencies associated with it comply with the basic demands of the legal and ethical issues associated with this major concern. It is not only the responsibility of these agencies and departments, but it is the most important responsibility for the every health care provider to follow the legal and ethical rules which are especially designed to avoid any misconduct. Law and ethics are to keep the positive values and morals of the individuals to avoid any problem in the workplace or in any social interaction. Social and health facilities are directly to deal with the life and health of the people which is the main concern that it is required more attention to the ethical and legal concern. It is to safeguard the rights if the people as without law and ethics it is not possible to ensure quality services to these people. This requires proper understanding of the legal aspects associated with the social and health care services. This is the main responsibility for the individuals associated with this field to ensure that he must comply with all these policies and laws that are meant to protect the rights of every individual. There is another important element of obeying the legal and ethical conduct because it prevents from any abuse which can be a problem for any one. It also concerns for the welfare for every individual either service provider or receiver. One of the essential elements for the social and health care providers is to avoid any discrimination on the basis of race, culture, economic background, or gender. Another important concern is that these service providers must assure privacy, confidentiality, and the preventing the rights of the people. Breach of any confidentiality or any such activity is not allowed ethically and can result in legal issues. This is the reason that it can result in various complications. Sometimes these ethical and legal policies cannot be followed and it creates a problem whether such breach of confidentiality is allowed or not.

Thesis Statement

Legal and ethical aspects on health and social care prevents from breaching the confidentiality to protect others.

Case Scenario

Breaching Confidentiality to Protect Others

Bob has attended the genito-urinary clinic at his local Trust hospital. Bob is seen by Dr Gomez who informs him that he is HIV positive. Dr Gomez counsels Bob to contact his sexual partners to inform them of his status. Bob starts a course of treatment.

For the last 18 months Bob has been in a relationship with Sue. They are expecting a baby in 2 months time. Before this relationship Bob had a series of ...
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