Associate Degree In Nursing And Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

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Associate Degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Associate Degree in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Nursing has different paths to become experienced and well educated nurse: diploma, associate degree and bachelor. All paths create confusion. Now, health care researcher and scholar recommended the bachelor degree program in nursing. According to American association of Nursing Bachelor Degree of nursing is the minimum education in nursing filed. Diploma programs have declined (, 2001).

Associate nursing degree can get by any regional college and nursing school. The duration of this degree is two to three years. This is basically diploma programs. It require cheap cost and minimum time that is the reason many persons are prefer this program(, 2012).

After Bachelor of Science in nursing you can appear in licensing examination of nursing. Associate Degree holder only can appear in licensing examination for nursing otherwise you are not eligible. A registered nurse can have an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's degree; although some places of employment might reserve charge/head nurse positions or other higher-level RN positions for 4-year nurses. Bachelor of Nursing prepares the nurses in a professional manner form the bedside with proper course work in nursing science, leadership, research and informatics of nursing (, 2001).

Registered nurse is graduated from a nursing program in a college or university. She/he has successful attempted a national license exam Nursing. Registered Nurse helps patients, individual, families and different groups for achieving health and get rid of disease. They take care of the ill and wounded patients in hospitals and other health care units, General physicians' offices, Public health care units, educational institutions and industries. The scope of registered nurses is determined by the regional association and college and government responsible for health care units in the regions (, 2003).


Associate Degree in Nursing

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