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AT&T Inc. (abbreviation for American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation) is a North American telecommunications company. AT&T is in addition to voice, data and video telecommunications and mobile communications and Internet services to companies, individuals and government organizations. AT&T had long been a monopoly in the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, the company was long the largest phone company in the world and the world's largest cable television operator.

Company Mission and Vision Statement

“The company's goals consist of bringing the latest technology of data transporting to ensure their customer satisfaction. Besides serving its customers in this manner, AT&T also has a long-term vision of providing more advanced services to keep the daily business market more flexible, moveable”.

Vision and Mission Statement are written for the guidelines to have a clear understanding of what values and Target Company is directed towards. Among the largest wireless cell phone company AT&T is the market leader in the industry by providing information and data transfer solutions. Whereas other companies, AT&T have a long term strategic plan to achieve its goals by keeping the highest and top solutions to the wireless users market. According to some research conducted in the field of wireless technology AT&T has the highest rate of satisfied turnover customers. Since 1985, the companies have dedicated itself towards a satisfying their customers need and enriching stockholders and meeting the society needs.

Porters 5 Forces analysis

The wireless communications industry is one of the world's largest sectors of the economy that is experiencing high competition due to challenges of globalization, advance in technology and diversity of customer needs. The main services that are offered in this business are; internet access, cell phone service or mobile communication, messaging, music, ring tone and video distribution among others. There are about 600 companies that are actively involved in this industry and they constitute combined annual revenue of over 110 billion US dollars. (Porter, 1985)

Threat of New Entrants

Previously established wireless communication firms pose a big challenge to new companies in the market which try to exploit the new markets. With AT&T having higher customer loyalty, the firms need to push customers to start using their new products in the market since they have a name in the market. (McGahan, 2004)

Power of Suppliers

Due to the bargaining power of suppliers, customers in this industry have started to become sensitive to the monopoly imposed by some suppliers and also the changes in ...
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