Attendance And Participation

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Attendance and Participation

Difference Between attendance and participation

Difference between Attendance and Participation

Stepping into the PPD1 for the first time can be very frightening experience of incoming freshmen. When freshmen enter the PPD1, they must decide how active they want to be. Some students are afraid to say the wrong answer, or worry about how other students would view them. This leads to the first hypothesis that will be tested. Freshmen, with the factors already discussed, will have a reason not to want, or nervous about participating in class. Although these students may be concerned about the participation of students will be freshmen in the class, more often than upper classmen.

Upper-class students have more experience in PPD1 than establishing incoming freshmen. Thus, the upper class students, their experiences are more likely to participate in class discussions and activities. However, as noted on the researcher, the upper-class students are more likely to skip class. There may be several reasons for this, such as workload, which they consider more important. The second hypothesis is that there is currently testing is that the upper class, students will be more likely to participate in class activities and projects, but they will be in a class lower than incoming freshmen.

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