Auckland On Ice: feasibility Study

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Auckland on Ice:

Feasibility Study

Auckland on Ice: Feasibility Study


The business idea generated is the initiation of a new skating rink in Auckland, New Zealand. The ice skating rink is planned to be a family recreational activity as well as fun for all ages. The location of the business is going to be within the vicinity of Snow Planet in the North Shore region in order assimilate and capture the trendy tourist demand. North Shore is ideal for its picturesque beaches and several exciting activities. Accommodation is an essential factor since the business will be in close proximity and North Shore can easily provide. Also, since Snow Planet has a high attraction rate of customers through June till end of September, the new business would be able to gain access and tap into that market.

Now to start off, what is the brand name of the business? This business will be called Auckland on Ice. Events offered by this firm include skating demonstrations, free lessons for ice skaters, themed weekends for each weekend, competitions for passionate individuals, and snow sculpture making. The concept segments specifically on families with children, but individuals are also welcomed to enjoy.

Organizational Profile


To foster and create recreational activities that provides excitement, enjoyment, and satisfaction to every individual.


Auckland on Ice will demonstrate an amiable culture with enjoyable atmosphere. The idea is to give entertainment in the highest form to customers who are interested and passionate about ice rink activities. The business will provide harmony, a sanctuary, foster tourism, and display the ambiance of an exciting atmosphere in New Zealand.


The values displayed will be involving creativity (especially in theme weekends), customer delight, decisiveness, and continuous improvement. Also as an organization there will be teamwork, accountability, and good, effective communication. Most importantly, the business will have a will to succeed and provide an enriching environment for every customer in every arena in the recreational activities provided.

Business Option

Auckland on Ice has been chosen as an entrepreneurial idea to be implemented primarily on the focus of demand in New Zealand. Tourism plays a major role in the country and various recreational activities are generating high revenues for entertainment. The business provides a service for creating family fun, affordable experiences and gives the Auckland community a unique, exciting, and healthy recreation which encourages social interaction. During school holidays, weekends, or any occasion, ice skating could be a trump card in attracting customers from nearby regions.

The Management Team

The personnel play a major role in this organization. Trainers for skaters, judges, and higher management must communicate well. The mentors will primarily be the entrepreneurs developing the business and contributing to the business will achieve success. Staffing will comprise of managers working in shifts during the day times (some nights) and monitoring activities on the grounds. The structure of the organization will be decentralized and empowered to each and every employee. The key is to enjoy and have fun while you are working. The qualities of the employees need to include English language skills, optimistic and ...