Auschwitz Death Camp

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Auschwitz death camp


“Existing outside of Auschwitz documents, in particular the transport lists from the areas of origin, contain very detailed statements about the deportations and the destination”.


The concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau was the largest German extermination camp during the Nazi era . It was 1941, three kilometers from the main camp, Auschwitz I built and was located near the city renamed Auschwitz Oswiecim in after the military occupation of Poland annexed and built as an administrative unit Bielsko County (Wiesel, 2012).

The name "Auschwitz" was the symbol of the Holocaust . Of the more than 5.6 million victims of the Holocaust were about 1.1 million people, including one million Jews murdered in Birkenau. About 900,000 of the deportees were taken directly upon arrival to the gas chambers killed or shot. Another 200,000 people were of the SS killed by disease, malnutrition, abuse, medical tests or the subsequent gasification (Phillips & Axelrod, 2005).


Sources For Determining The Number Of Victims

Regarding the filing of the deported people, two groups are considered separately: the registered and marked with numbers prisoners and unregistered prisoners, who were murdered upon arrival. The documents and information relating to the registered victims were managed in the camp itself. Records of the number of victims had not registered in the camp will be destroyed after each major action after reporting to the Economic and Administrative Main Office or RSHA (Reich Security Main Office) was made. Documents relating to the registered prisoners have been partly preserved. The documents relating to unregistered detainees are destroyed up to three reports to the Economic and Administrative Main Office (Wiesel, 2012).

As source estimates could be used by survivors or estimates due to the performance and service life of the crematoria. Current estimates indicate extreme deviations and are therefore considered by historians to be unsuitable for determining ...
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