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Australian Centre for Vocational Education and Training Pty Ltd | ASSESSMENT


Any organization that even has a little IT or computerized infrastructure must design a proper network system to address their concern of system and data security. Obviously, every organization has some private or confidential data to protect and some proper networking infrastructure to pursue the IT structure. Toyota Australia is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of vehicles. Toyota leads the automobile industry in environmental technologies with the success of the hybrid technology in the Prius and Hybrid Camry. Fuel cell vehicles are also in development. This company is going to open branch in Brisbane with 50 employees. The IT manager wants to setup network for that branch. As a network manager, I am planning to design and develop network system for the above scenario to meet their system requirements within the company budget. All we will do is initially analyse and then implement a proper network solution for the desired circumstances.


Small network setups usually like the given case usually have 3 to 4 dozen PCs and some laser printers. The small networking setup usually has the reason of low investment or specifically strategic tasks to deploy. With the above reference, there is no doubt that Toyota Australia is one of the leading organizations all over the country and globe. This sort of small setup may be required by them to perform some perforated task. For example, if they are trying to implement some innovative changes or some experiments on a small level to observe the results. May be they are implementing it for some special task of designing of interior or exterior of the car and so on. Keeping other factors one by one, we will analyse and prescribe it to our case as per the demand.

Design Scope

Initially talking about the scope, it is very simple. The small networking setup requirement is guiding us towards one simple conclusion. Small networking setup has some modest computing and networking requirements. Their simple need can also be resolved by single LAN with two or three servers with off-the-shelf components. Unlike huge networking setup, this small setup can easily be handled by only one person of moderate knowledge and skills regarding network management. The network designer should always ask some basic questions from the mains before you start the design phase. Who will use the network? What tasks will users perform on the network? Who will managee the network? Who will pay for it? Who will pay to maintain it? When these responses are answered, priorities will be established and the process of network design will be much more productive. These priorities will become the design goals. Let's examine some of these key goals.

Performance: The types of data processed may determine the level of performance required. If the main function of the network is real-time transactions, then the performance takes on a ...
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