Authority Essay Assignment

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Authority Essay Assignment

The parent is a person having parental authority over a child (note that the concept of parental authority refers to a notion of power). Parents are responsible for raising their children and transmitting educational values in them. These educational values ??are related to a parental responsibility but they also have a role in cultural, social and economic development of children. Parenthood is not simple, innate and instinctive, but instead it is a continuous learning process. This learning is fraught with doubt, questions and errors. It weakens the individual who becomes a parent, because the idealized certainties are then faced in relation with the reality of the child. Necessarily, the emergence of parenting leads to a reflection on his/her own education. A reflection of the positions taken in the past by their own parents can affect the parenting as positive or negative. (Advanced Communications and Business Resources, 2002)

Exercising the authority may be a source of guilt for parents. A crying child can leave one suggest them as a bad parent. The style of parenting gets improvised as being authoritarian according to each child. The same attitude does not go for another child. The authority cannot be understood without demarking the boundaries of relationship with the child. Before any act of exercising the authority parents must ask about the relationship they have established with the child. An overly imposed authority can break a child emotionally and psychologically. It must be understood that exercising authority on the issue he does not understand is the right and duty of the parents. Sometimes they have to be angry without any explanation for the child. The adult imposes a set of principles for the good of the child and they must be imposed through authority. Exercise the authority is also helpful in managing frustration. Parents have to manage it from the day they become parents. Authority comes with responsibility and patience is the fluid that reduces the friction in parent-child relationship.

What happens when there is no authority in the family? The children get hold of it because a vacuum of power comes into existence. Educators know that a well-understood and implemented authority obtains the child's respect and it is the cornerstone for developing balanced and happy family. This also helps the children to grow as well.

The word authority is derived from the Latin verb "Auger", which means helping them to grow. For a parent it is important to distinguish between being authoritative, having power and having authority.

A person has authority according to his position. The director of the company, the mayor of the city, the teacher and the father-mother in the family are, in principle, positions that come with authority. From the day the child is born all parents have a fixed capital of authority. This capital fades away with time but if it is used carefully it reaps dividends for the parents in the future.

Authority does not mean coercive power; instead the authority is synonymous with the ...
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