Autobiographical Essay

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Autobiographical Essay

Autobiographical Essay

Gene X, a boy with who was born on December 6, 1973 in Nashville, Tennessee. The reason behind the success in life is mainly due to his family diversity. This all started up from his birth. Soon after my birth of Gene X, my parents got separated; the reason was the religion. My father wants to follow Buddhism. Later on my mother also changes my name and now I am being known as Xavjah, and I am the follower of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

It all started as my family totally got scattered with the divorce of my parents. My brother Jack Streeter III is currently a full time associate pastor in Akron, Ohio working on his Doctorate at Kent State University.

While living in Ohio, I attended black public school in Akron, Ohio. Before graduating in senior years my mother shifted my school, and there after I was admitted in Private school. That school was White high school. Within a week, I was elected as the president of DECA. DECA was an organization that helps them in emerging entrepreneur and leaders, in finance, marketing, and management in schools, as well as colleges around the world. I was awarded multiple awards while leading a predominantly white senior class. This recognized throughout my graduation years on the national academic competitions.

As I completed my graduation from Akron University, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. There, I fall in love and married to a girl named Elizabeth Koyenum Nwoseh. She was a young, beautiful Nigerian accounting graduate of prestigious private University of Buckingham in England. I totally crashed in love with her within 12 hours of meeting. I do not know whether it was love or just an infatuation, but I prayed God for her to me life partner. Nine months later two of the most memorable events happened that would change our lives forever. We were married in a rural village, in West Africa, by her father, overseen by more than 100 natives of that village and 12 Chiefs. A diary was paid, and a private covenant between a father and son in law made. Also, while, in Nigeria, a prophecy was spoken by Elizabeth's 110 year old Grandmother, that one day we would have twins a boy and girl. Five years later on August 3, 2005 at Emory Hospital that prophesy fulfilled. Xavjah Nwoseh Streeter, and Genesis Nwoseh Streeter (twins) born into the family, and six years later we adopted a beautiful 6 year old daughter named Comfort.

Joining the Ebenezer Baptist Church was very memorable, in the spring of 1996. Mother Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr. was on the second bank in the left side as I suddenly let go of my left hand from my girlfriend got up and walked down the aisle to get the hand of fellowship. I immediately became a member and begin serving in the kitchen feeding the homeless and visiting sick or elderly people who were unable to attend ...
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