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Serious Case Review: The Case of BABY P

Serious Case Review: The Case of BABY P


The death of child because of the negligiant behaviour, abuse of any other sustpected factor prompts the demand to carry out serious case reviews. Serious case review is an effective method for the identification of the death cause of a child, while it also helps in identification of other child at risk. Serious case reviews are generally carried out by local organisations, in order to identify methods to prevent the occurrence of such events in future. Local organisations also keep into their consideration the other child at risk (for instance siblings and other children). Finally, through serious case reviews local organisations try to extract lessons that should be learned from such cases. Realising the issue, in the event of death of child under the stated circumstances; Local Safeguarding Children Board or LSCB have to conduct a detailed serious case review to identify the cause of the action (NSPCC, 2008). Having the definition and importance of serious case review explained, this research will focus on one specific case of Peter Connelly also known as with different names including Child A or Baby Peter and Baby P. In relation to the stated case, the paper will attempt to furnish answer of the following four questions so that a better understanding of case can be prevailed:

What prompted this review?

What did the review seek to find out?

What were the main conclusions and recommendations of the review?

How might this review affect policies and procedures in a nursery?

Background of the Case

Baby P or Peter Connelly was a 17 months old British born child, who left this world after suffering from over 50 injuries in a period of eight months. During the treatment process or what many calls death bed for Baby P, he has been frequently visited by health professionals from Haringey Children's services and NHS. The name of the child Baby P has been revealed as Peter after the trial of the murder suspect (boy friend of Peter's mother) for raping 17 months old child. The name of the child was revealed after the expiration of the anonymity order by the court on August 10, 2009 (Whitehead, 2008).

The magnitude of injuries and the period spend in hospital as a result has spread shock and havoc throughout the public and Parliament of Britain. Another reason for the chaos has been attribute the treatment facility i.e. London Borough of Haringey, North London, which in the past has failed to save a similar victim Victoria Climbie. The nature of the case or in fact crime was so severe that public had to put pressure on the government in order so that a mechanism can be installed for the prevention of such cases in future (Department of Education, 2010).

There was a mass criticism not only on the doers of the heinous crime, but on the treatment facility as well. Tracey Connelly the mother of the child and Steven Barker her boyfriend and the brother ...
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