Backyard Environmental Problem

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Backyard Environmental Problem

Backyard Environmental Problem


The majority of the Boston district needs to address the various issues it has regarding its pollution and climate change in the future, if it plans for constant sustainable growth. Boston city has combined with private and government organizations to works towards a common goal for years now however the consensus is required. The government of this city has planned to transform Boston into a city that has gone green, but shifting to cleaner renewable resources and giving education to the population regarding the advantages of pure energy and how effective it is. They aim to do so by implementing recycling projects and other practices that are environmentally friendly.

Regardless of the huge amounts of funding that has been allocated to clean up this city and its regions there is still no database where data can be found. Some of Boston's environmental problems include soil, air and water pollution. According to the former Assistant Secretary of United States department of Energy, Vincent Devtio the existence of these issues is because Boston is at the end of the pipelines of gas and electricity.

Today due to the corrective measures that were taken, Boston's pollution has greatly lessened. The environmental issues of the region has urged the Boston Project Center to divert the future projects research to promotion of going green and taking up those practices to eliminate the environmental issues as the region is currently more willing and WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) is committed to promote and bring a change. To eliminate these issues effectively, identification of them is the most crucial step after which solutions to deal with the problems are required. The method of research to identify the problem, the funding to address and solve them and list of organizations that are actively participating to assist the Boston Project Center have been added.

Environmental Issue

Water Related Concerns

Drinkable water is a significant resource, which has become scarce. According to a research by the Center for Strategy and International Studies, which was conducted in the year 2005, water is now the main reason for deaths and diseases in the world and that within 20 years it will be a resource issue to the world's economy. When water is not appropriate for a human to consume or is unable to support the natural biological population then it is considered polluted. Toxins that the polluted water carries are set down in any soil that the water has gone through, leaving the soil polluted (Waxman, 2010).

It has been explained that it is the irrigation canal that carries huge quantity of toxins, eventually depositing from the pesticides as well as agricultural fertilizers, and the soil that absorbs the pollutants becoming of no use to the crops that are growing. Erosion occurs to the riverbanks as they are unable the trees held down by the soil are unable to survive in contact with the contamination that has been spread into the soil and water. There are numerous organizations that are dealing ...