Bandage Automotive Case

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Bandage Automotive Case

Bandage Automotive Case

Question No 1.

Organizations are facing several problems in current business environment. These problems include transition to market relations, the complication of economic ties, scientific and technical progress; intensively developing the productive forces, lead to profound changes in work methods, which in turn require a clear and well-functioning administrative structure of the flexible way to improve the efficiency of human resources. However, we can stress that the management of human resources to treat more long term than to short-term, more to organic than a bureaucratic structure, to make maximum use of labor than to minimize labor costs. (Becker & Gerhart, 1996)In today's business, there is an increased emphasis on quality which requires human resources management in order to hire highly qualified and best suitable employees. At the same time, this service should be restructured and equipped so as to operate in an increasingly complex legal environment. Parallel to this is required to provide appropriate compensation for the high quality staff. Therefore, human resources management of Bandage Automotive should be organized and professionally prepared so as to control the processes that would allow finding them in a changing business environment.

The functions which Human Resource Management should organize are:

Selection and recruitment.

Training and retraining of staff.

Regulation of labor relations.

HR planning.

Wages and working conditions.

Bandage Automotive can reorganize its Human Resource Management functions by:

Setting precise goals and objectives of the company.

Developing an effective organizational structure.

Workforce planning by conducting recruitment and personnel policies. (Pfeffer, 1994)

Question No 2.

Recommended Human Resource policies and practices for Bandage Automotive are:

Prediction of job creation in the light of new technology

Staff development programs to address current and future needs of the enterprise

Development of motivational mechanisms to increase interest and job satisfaction

Creation of modern systems of recruitment and selection of staff

Conducting marketing activities in the area of personnel

Development of employment programs

Strengthen the incentive role of wages

Development of social programs, etc. (Kochan & Barocci, 2005)

Bandage Automotive should implement a Human Resource system which consists of following strategies

Comply: Managing core HR data and processes, payroll, benefits, and legislative/regulatory compliance.

Automate: Saving cost and time with comprehensive, workflow-driven employee and manager self-service.

Measure: Providing metrics and analytical tools to stakeholders to deliver information and determine the value of HR program investments.

Align: Offering flexible programs designed to increase workforce value through a broad range of development, performance management, and learning applications.

Bandage Automotive can improve its Human Resource Management by implementing following forms

Hiring checklist

Employee correction form

Employee compliance survey

Managing poor performance checklist

60 day new employee survey

Pre termination checklist

Paid time off policy

Code of Ethics

Business ethics and conduct disclosure statement

Client bill of rights (Prahalad & Hamel, 2000)

Question No. 3

The employee does not have any legitimate claim against any company if the person is not capable of job. A company can also dismiss or fire an employee due to his/her inability. Inability of the employee is a case that is quite controversial since it is difficult to demonstrate the ineptitude of the worker when resorting to the ...
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