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Basketball: The Game

Basketball: The Game


Basketball - team play with the ball. The purpose of the game to throw the ball into the opponent's basket and do not give him a score to your basket. They play with each team of 12 people, including five on each side, both are on site. Key elements of the game Dribbling, Throw, transfer, recruitment, and the interception Blokshot. Moving the ball across the parquet floor is only possible in two ways: With the help of dribbling and passing the ball from partner to partner.


Dribbling - dribbling in basketball

Keeping the ball in basketball is continuous strikes the ball on the parquet floor (ground floor) of one (leading) hand, so that the hand in contact with the ball over it. If the hand is in the process of the ball is underneath it, that is, the hand holding the ball, the referee commits a violation of the rules - Bringing the ball. Translation of the ball (change a leading hand) is made through the ball hit the floor. All translations can be divided into 4 types: Transfer the ball in front of him, the translation of the ball behind his back, transfer the ball on his foot and pivot.

The beginning of the Game

At the beginning of a rule violation occurs, most rules - run. Since dribbling you have to hit it on the floor before the tear off from the floor anchor leg. (Support leg - first leg touches the floor when receiving the ball). Finishing the conduct of the player should also remember the rule runs (the player - cannot make more than two steps with the ball in his hands) - so the stop is made of either a stop on two feet (one contact), or step - first floor for supporting the foot and then cap-shaped dome (two pins).

Throw - Attack of the basket in basketball

The ability to accurately throw a ring develops at all times basketball. Throw divided into five parts: Toss with the free throw line, throw out of the ring, with an average distance of a throw, throw a three-point range and shot the ball into the aisle.

Toss with the free throw line - from a technical point of view, this is not the most difficult element of the game. Keeping the fundamentals of throwing techniques to learn how to score with such a distance is not very difficult. But this element of the game in the first place go mental quality player. Very often it is the accuracy of this element depends on the end result of tight games.

Throw the ball to pass the most athletic member of basketball when a player breaking through to the conduct of the perimeter defense makes one or two steps with the ball in his hands and makes a jump shot. In the performance of the great masters often end Danko - throw the ball on top (slamdunk). It is striking force elements make the game entertaining and ...
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