Beautyism In The Workplace

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Beautyism in the Workplace


In this paper, we will discuss "beautyism" and the consequence of "beautyism" in the workplace. This paper will also present the factors on which attractive people get jobs. There is also a discussion on the unfair decisions, made by employers, to hire attractive people and reject unattractive people.




Consequences of "Beautyism" in workplace4

HR management Perspective5


Unfair Considerations7



Beautyism in the Workplace


It has been found that number of organizations and workplaces are bound to hire beautiful people. This culture is prevailing all over the world. Unattractive people are not considered at the time of hiring instead of having confidence, experience and education.


"Beautyism" in the workplace is the phenomenon in which physically attractive people are preferred more than unattractive people during employment. There may be unjust decisions made on the basis of attractiveness of an individual during hiring. The individual with the beauty of mind is more attractive and able for a suitable job. These unjust decisions may lead an organization to produce lesser result in the competitive market than other organizations. These wrong and unjust decisions are found in each organization. Hundreds of people are hired each year on the basis of their physical attraction.

Consequences of "Beautyism" in workplace

When organization is a business organization, then effective decisions are mandatory to run the business. There is a need of potential and skilled staff in a business firm. When there are personnel, hired on the basis of attraction and not able to take firm decisions then company will not produce outcomes in order to meet the competitive strategies in the market. When there are good decision makers in a business organization then, outcomes and production may increase two fold to three folds after a short interval of time. History showed that all the top businessmen, leaders and top management staff were not necessarily attractive. It was their decisions that take them and their companies at the top. Physical attraction and beauty influences many times, not only the company's decisions and market values, but also individuals, who are more skilled for the exceptional job. Government has also recommended that physical attraction should not be the priority when hiring employees for business firms. The strategy of hiring attractive males and females can be preferred in case of marketing and advertisement companies. It has also found that people who are attractive possess attitude. This attitude is also utilized by number of marketing companies, but sometimes attitude is not preferred in business companies. Top management and other employees do not expect attitudes in their business culture from a new employee. The person who is attractive and beautiful may unavoidably possess attitude which can have a negative impact on making decisions related to business terminologies.

HR management Perspective

It is found that physically inviting people have more breaks in life than unattractive people. It is also more pronounced in human resource department than any other department. It has already found that males and females who are attractive are more hired for HR jobs than other job ...