Beef Industry In Australia

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Beef Industry in Australia

Beef Industry in Australia

Industry profile report

Provide a background to the marketing system of the industry including:

Commodities/products produced

The background of beef industry in Australia is productive and it signifies of the great embankments and management that it has brought about within the country. Beef industry in Australia initiated when the original cattle was brought by the fleets in 1788; these groups of people had the intentions to develop and bring about the cultural and social enhancement of the country. However, this group escaped into different directions and left behind what the cultivation and breeding of cattle in Australia is now. Farming is now considered to be a more commercial phenomenon and it has brought about much success rehabilitation in terms of financial profits as well. The products that are produced are livestock, meat and several different elements that are of higher significance and accommodation in the foreign countries (Topp, 2001, 57).

Stages/functions in supply chain

In order to provide the basic supplies, the beef industry in Australia has a specific mechanics to follow. Pastures are where this mechanism usually begins. Cattle production for the bees industry is basically the conversion of grass to grain to ultimately weigh in the form of meat and most of the times it is no issue because natural landscapes in several populated areas is well brought up.

The farmers then look up the most suited form of market for the sales and target purposes. There are vealer markets, yearling markets, feedlot or the grass-fed market depending on the needs and requirements which might differ between cattle species. A farmer can either own different cattle forms and use them to sale out the products accordingly or choose a specific one to handle the local atmosphere and exchange rates.

Selecting the right kind of gene is also very crucial for the cause of beef industry to survive and thrive and this is the main motive after a farmer has determined the market value of the cattle. Selection of proper animals to breed with the help of visual assessment or Estimated Breeding Values can be performed. Breeding of the cattle is a much modified procedure and the calves produced through such means are either sold or kept for further marketing purposes (Bindon, 2001, 861).

Different marketing channels

There are different conducting and marketing channels present within Australia that conduct the parameters of sales and purchasing of cattle and meat. These are the fair and strong means through which the sales and promotion can be increased in a better manner.

Beef cattle producers and modifiers have auction sales which is a promising and dominant selling means. For farmers that have smaller herd sizes and amounts, this is something which is beneficial and resulting.

These producers are located in the areas that are relatively closely settled where sale yards and other means of freight costs are smaller (Richards, 2003, 46).

Trade industry for the beef and cattle production is another fair marketing channel for this ...