Behavior Management Of Mild/Moderate Exceptional Children

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Behavior Management of Mild/Moderate Exceptional Children

Behavior Management of Mild/Moderate Exceptional Children


Behavior management is all about classroom management, and knowing the correct ways in which to discipline a child. Here the term, Pedagogy comes into reference. It means the “art” of being a teacher, knowing the correct strategies and being up to date with how to keep the student engaged and active in the classroom. The term, at a general level, means the art of instruction. Instruction being direction, giving the students a direction and keeping them focused on their task. Classroom management and management of a student and student body, as a whole, is an art, or skill which teachers acquire over time and through strategic techniques. A teachers never “born” with these skills and needs a certain amount of experience and use of different techniques before the art of student and classroom management can be mastered.

Once the childs behavior has reached the desired level and has been shaped accordingly, it is best to maintain it through a mild form of reinforcement.

Behavior modification is applied in two ways, one in which the teacher sits and examines the student do an undesired act, and rewards him for it, the student will tend to repeat the act , not knowing its wrong but thinking since he gets rewarded for it.

Second in which the teacher observes two students in her class, if one performs as undesired act, she punishes him immediately for it, and then praises a student who Is behaving correctly, seeing this, the punished student will very less likely, repeat his undesired act.

In behavior modification, it is important that the right kind of rein forcers be used to shape the correct behavior.

Joness Model of Body Language, Incentives and Efficient HelpThe Joness model involves good classroom behavior and is important for the teacher to know what kind of body language to use and how to provide incentives that will motivate the desired behavior. The primary focus of Joness model of discipline is to help students support their own self control,Key PointsThe important key points of this model is that teachers learn which kind of body language is effective for students to quickly get to the lesson assigned and task assigned in the classroom. Good classroom behavior can be achieved mainly from the technique of effective body language, which includes the right posture, eye contact, facial expression, ...
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