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Behaviorism is the science which tends to deal with the behaviors of the human beings. This paper intends to focus on some of the elements attached to the behaviorism plus it tries to decode the elements behind the acts of the individual. This paper intends to serve its purpose and draw out a meaningful conclusion from it.

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Some define behaviorism as a doctrine, some define it as the learning perspective, and in the context of this paper learning perspective is interpreted as some kind of physical action. This branch of psychology tends to base itself on the foundation that all the actions performed by the human beings whether it is thinking or performing, are based on that particular thinking and feeling as a result, it should be defined as rationale or irrational behaviors. Since this branch of psychology deals with the behaviors of human beings, therefore, it also tends to cater to the sudden change encountered by the human beings; this branch lays itself on the thin line between the private and personal actions. This also tends to state that both are directly related to each other, and both take their inspirations from each other.



Behavioral psychology, also known as behaviorism, is a theory of learning based upon the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. Conditioning expands its route onto two levels hence breaking down the steps to study the human behavior, famously known as classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning; however, the stimulus, which tends to, shape up the response of the individual is further broken down into conditioned stimuli and conditioned response. Condition stimuli are held responsible to drive the conditional stimulus and the operant conditioning are used to study the elements which tend to relate to a certain behavior and the outcome of that behavior, both physically as well as mentally (Moore, 2011). Therefore, it becomes essentially important to analyze the whole context of the subject in order to develop a better understanding of it. Any event is based on two factors, which are described in terms of the setting of the environment or how environment around a certain character is behaving it might have many influences attached to it. Secondary how the character tends to behave in the environment, hence both tend to co-relate each other. However, the setting, which tends to, shape up the environment tends to vary whereas the characteristics of the character tend to remain constant. Which means that behavior will change as the settings around the character tends to change.


The Behavior tends to change under different environments hence have different factors attached to it. Behavior in private tends to exist only in the presence of the observer hence behavior in the private is only the desired behavior in the public and both are co-related to each other, which can't exist independently because it tends to draw its roots from each other. Next area, which demands to, be studied in ...
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