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BWB thinks the major viable elements in its customer segmentation comprise "selection, charges, accessibility, ease, information, finding, trademark identification, tailored services, convenience, client service, consistency, response time, availability, and capability to become accustomed to dynamic situations.

For services presented to companies and individuals, supplementary viable elements contain the excellence of our services and instruments, their capability to produce transactions for third parties, and the pace of service performance.

Market segmentation has enabled BWB to:

Understand and describe the market:

The market segments are not all the same weight in the global market for the product and they may have different evolution (Constantinides, 2006, pp. 113-9).

Facilitate tactical decisions.

Some customer segments are most sensitive to variables in the mix than others, such as price or promotion (Otim, and Grover, 2006, pp. 527-41).

The most critical customer segments of BWB are listed below. These are the main target customers of BWB as derived from the study.

Price Sensitive Book Readers:

Price Sensitive customer segment is comprised of the customers who want to purchase and read the books on relatively lower prices than the market price. BWB is offering a great opportunity for such customer segments by providing the books on cheap rates. This does not only result in the expansion of BWB's customer base but also results in a tough time to the competitors. The low price' strategy for price sensitive people has been successfully identified and implemented by the management of BWB, which has resulted in a greater customer response.

Socially Responsible Book Readers:

Another market segment that is affective and contributing to the causes and business of BWB is socially responsible book readers. The social responsibility and aim of the BWB's management to recycle the old books and provide the books at lower rates to the number of needy communities has resulted in the new customer segment. This segment is based on the people who care about the social responsibilities (Constantinides, 2006, pp. 113-9). However, the financial details of such duties performed by BWB must be circulated to the customer in order to make them satisfy.

BWB is arrogant of the affect that they are having and their aptitude to offer cremation and manuscripts to a number of the key significant scholarly proposals across the globe nowadays:

Literature Lovers Book Readers:

Better World Books has created a customer base of the book readers who are actually literature lovers. This customer segment is comprised of the customers who value the books and they know what these books mean to them. These customers actually has the craze of collecting books related to different topics and they also use to gift these books to their love ones (Antoncic and Hisrich, 2003, pp. 7-24).

Quantitative and Qualitative data for Socially Responsible Book Readers:

Quantitative Data

Raised over $9.4 million for Literacy including

$5.2mn for more than eighty scholarly and schooling non-profits.

$4.2mn for libraries countrywide.

Donated over $1.9mn to academic service associations, who have run book drives.

Straight delivered over 4.5mn books to textbooks to Africa, the National Center for Family Literacy, and Feed the ...
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