Biblical Perspective On Commitment To Marriage

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Biblical Perspective on Commitment to Marriage

Biblical Perspective on Commitment to Marriage


Certainly an all-wise God who conceived alignment out of disorder, handcrafted man and woman in His own likeness, and then instituted and ordained marriage ceremony should have had a reason in managing so. What then, one should inquire, was God's reason in conceiving marriage? Indisputably the most fitting response will be discovered in harmony with the will of God as it is disclosed for us in His Word. It is for this cause that one should turn to His Word in alignment to find the divine reason of God's organisation of marriage. And that is precisely what some Christian authors have done. However, for the most part, a large number of authors and theologians have run into unbelievable adversity in really clarifying what God's reason for marriage ceremony vitally is. Millions of sheets and many publications have been dedicated to proposing assist on how to save, better, augment, or even end a marriage ceremony and numerous more proceed as far as to recount the functions in, the jobs of, and the causes for marriage ceremony, but it is tough to find numerous sheets that offer the reason for marriage ceremony, and even less that offer God's reason for marriage. The difficulty with this is that we should first pattern a base that is the divine reason for marriage ceremony in alignment for us to then method and realise the functions, causes, and thriving development of marriage.


The divine reason for marriage ceremony is one of function. Condron recounts it as such: The Bible devotes us a three-fold reason of marriage ceremony (…this alignment has not anything to manage with one being of larger implication, for all are ordained). First there is the reason of companionship, secondly, that of procreation, and thirdly, that of sexy fulfillment.

The reason in having the organisation of marriage ceremony is glimpsed in God's yearn to supply for companionship, young children, and the culmination of the man and the woman in each other in maintaining chastity. Dunivent indicates that companionship was the one thing needing for Adam amidst all the wonders of the Edenic creation while it is still “uncursed” before the first sin of mankind. The heavens, the soil, the seas, the fishes of the ocean, the animals on the land, and luscious crop of the trees could not provide man with companionship, and therefore, marriage ceremony was conceived to fulfill the one thing needing, or “not good,” in the garden. Dunivent, rapidly then, pursues with the detail that having offspring is not only a resultant of marriage ceremony but is the only way that God has supplied to propagate the human rush, encompassing the pledged Redeemer that was to arrive through birth (Genesis 3:15).

 Therefore, procreation is a rather large reason of marriage ceremony in that God conceived it as a entails for Christ to arrive as Redeemer. Dunivent then understands Paul's main headings in 1 Corinthians 7:5 as saying that the need of usual ...
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