Bio-Psycho-Social Model Of Addiction Treatment

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Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Addiction Treatment

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Spirituality in rehabilitation treatment and the significance of spirituality dimension to the Bio-psycho-social model of addiction treatment:3

Case for African American males:4

Ideology of the spiritual dimension in Bio-psycho-social model of addiction treatment:7

Goals and objectives of the program:7

Formation of active life position:8

Working with the patient's family and friends:8

Theoretical training:8

Conditions and principles: anonymity and voluntary participation.9

Adapting to the social environment:10

Psychological aspects of spiritual Bio-psycho-social model of addiction treatment:11

Causes and Symptoms of FASD13

The basic and common signs of addiction:14

How will one know if the spiritual program is effective?15



Spirituality dimension to Bio-Psycho-Social Model of Addiction Treatment


This research paper is about spirituality in drug addiction treatment and its significance to the bio-psycho-social model of addiction treatment. The finding narrated in this paper are based on a research conducted on this topic by considering African American males in particular and focusing on those who have two or more relapse episodes and at least one episode of incarceration during their life (Streissguth & Aase, 1991). The present state of clinical intervention models and research is discussed along with development and education activities to address this issue of drug addict rehabilitation programs and the need for adding spirituality to these programs. The reasons for adding spiritual dimension are also explained and emphasized as the findings show that most of the African American males addicted with drugs have low spiritual levels and lack faith and spirituality.

The biopsychosocial model of looking at addiction is an attempt to broaden the older, traditional view of addiction as strictly a medical problem. It was thought that by forcing people to look at it in a multidimensional aspect accuracy of diagnosis and treatment could be improved. The medical people had their spin on it, the 12-step people had their definition, and neurobiological scientists are starting to discover new features. A more comprehensive way of looking at things is the biopsychosocial model of addiction. What exactly is that? Well, the clue is in the name. It is an attempt to describe the complexity of the interaction of biological, psychological, and social features of addiction. They are basically saying they each component is insufficient unto its own to explain addiction. The biological aspects take into account the genetic and inherited components of addiction, as well as the effects of addiction on the body itself. It also includes the neurobiological and neurobehavioral theories and studies, that are becoming predominant studying addiction. With the advent of brain scanning technology such as MRI scans, CAT scans, and SPECT scans, a whole new world of knowledge is opening up.


Spirituality in rehabilitation treatment and the significance of spirituality dimension to the Bio-psycho-social model of addiction treatment:

Spirituality helps in the process of drug rehabilitation. The fact that drug addiction is essentially a problem of mental inclination to take the drugs means that the brain is the center of any effective treatment. The human brain has not only a physical existence, but is also responsible for the emotional, spiritual and psychological behavior of a ...
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