Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used As A Weapon

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Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon


This paper discusses the disease of Small Pox considered as a biological weapon and as bioterrorism. In the history of bio terrorism, Small Pox is the most destructive disease and used as a biological weapon. It is destructive for human beings for many centuries. In 1977, hard work of the WHO results in the removal of the Small Pox at a great level. The fear and threat of the chemical and biological warfare has been decreased a lot because of the recent developments. Events shows that, the risk of the biological weapons is also exists today. Small Pox is in A category in the list of the diseases considered as biological weapons created by the Centers of Disease Controls and Prevention. It is mentioned in group A because it is easily transmitted from one person to another and also increases the rates of mortality. This paper summarizes the considerations related to the Small Pox as a biological weapon, its epidemiology, its diagnosis and its treatment.

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Smallpox as a Weapon6

Epidemiology of smallpox6

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Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon


There are many bioterrorism diseases or agents described by the (CDCP) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Small Pox is also one of the major destructive diseases considered as biological weapon. It is also known as Variola. It is the only disease which has completely exhausted the world. Small pox virus has a constricted crowed series limited to the human beings. Until recent years, it was an important death and morbidity in the world. The word pox in the Small Pox is derived from the Latin word means spotted. It is referred to the lift up of bumps on an infected person, which becomes visible on the body and the face (Global Security, 2012).

The last infections of laboratory occurred in the 1978. In 1980, WHO had formally confirmed Small Pox exterminated. The World Health Organization (WHO) delayed the resolution to demolish all the spread of Small Pox. This virus is officially being present in only two laboratories of Russia and the US. Outside the laboratory manifestation of the human cases shows the use of this virus as biological weapon. This virus can be transmitted from one person to another by the face to face interaction with the infected person. This virus is extremely unwavering and remains for a long period of time (Hogan, Harchelroad & McGovern, 2012).


History about the disease

It was introduced and continuously a big problem between 15th and 17th century in Europe and became normally epidemic during the Middle Ages. It has infected large number of population. The semi effective measure to prevent the disease is the Variolation, the procedure has a risk. Edward Jenner has demonstrated in 1796 that immunization with the cowpox can give protection in opposite to Small Pox. This procedure was introduced in Europe, North America and England rapidly. Gradually if was also introduced in other European countries. When large number of Europeans was vaccinated, ...