Black Africans' Dominance In Distance Running

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Why are black Africans so dominant at distance running

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The main reasons why black Africans are dominant in distance running (physical)4

Morphological Reasons4

Limb Structure4

Better Lung capacity as compared to other races5

Enzymes in the muscles that improve stamina and energy building5

Black Africans' Improved Muscle Tissues6

Black African Supremacy in the Sprint6

Scientific Perspective for the dominanc of black Americans in distance running9

The reason why White atheletes are not as effective in distance running10

Genetic theories11



Why are black Africans so dominant at distance running


When it comes to distance running, it is statistically proven that no other race is even close to the dominance and efficiency of the black Africans. There are a lot of reasons why they are so dominant in this sport, most of them contemporary and those reasons have been discussed in the paper that follows. It is a well-known fact that Black African athletes have dominated the sports industry since the beginning of time. Legends like Mike Tyson, Mohammad Ali and Bryan Lara have dominated the sports fields and have set records to which there are no matches even today. Bryan Lara has shown the world what professional cricket looks like; Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali have given spectators some of the most spectacular matches in the history of professional boxing. Similarly, the Williams sisters have shown the world what professional level tennis looks like. It has been observed that when it comes to athletic sports like swimming, running etc, Black African men and women have dominated the fields and set records that are still unbeaten. In this paper, we shall analyse the possible reasons why Black African men and women are so dominant in the field of athletic sports, especially distance running (Tucker, 2012); (Oakley, 2010).

The paper talks about the performance of Black Africans as compared to athletes from other races, with respect to athletics. The chosen topic for study relates to the black Africans and their outstanding running ability in distance races. The thesis statement for the study is “Why are Black Africans better at distance running?”. The paper will discuss several arguments to gauge and evaluate the secret of black people's distance running supremacy among others and would discuss both the positives and negatives of the concept that is so common all over the world (HumanPotential.Com, 2012).

The main reasons why black Africans are dominant in distance running (physical)

Morphological Reasons

Black African runners enjoy certain advantages in sports. It is observed that they have less subcutaneous fat in their arms and legs. Their body has proportionally thinner muscle mass with wider shoulders, thicker quadriceps and generally more developed overall physiques. Their testosterone levels are from 3% to 19%, promoting anabolism and extremely helpful in increasing muscle mass, reducing fat and reinforcing the ability to carry out more intense efforts with rapid recovery (McGowan 2003, 20). They also have stronger body density, probably due to higher bone mineral density and heavier bone mass at all stages of life, even in ...
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