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Black Talk


The study is related to the Black culture in the United States. Racism in the United States is one of the many documents released in recent history although the ethnocentrism has affected mankind since ancient times. This bias is manifested mainly of white Anglo-Saxon and native-born Americans against blacks brought from Africa to work as slaves during the seventeenth century, and more recently Chinese, Japanese and other immigrants and Hispanic Americans or others.

Thesis Statement

- America is fighting an internal war of violence that victimizes racial minorities.

- In the future, there is possibility that American children are mostly black and brown.

- The white appropriation of black culture and language be responsible for the exploitation of African Americans.


In the view of Geoffrey, America is fighting an internal war of violence that victimizes racial minorities; the reason of this is that the racism in the United States has existed since the inception of the state. Society founded by white men, differing in their national and religious grounds, their attitude was very different to other groups. The victims of racism have become indigenous people that are the racial minorities.

For the first time, African slaves were brought to the British Virginia English colonists in 1619. As of 1860, 12 million people in 15 U.S. states, where slavery persisted, 4 million were slaves. Of the 1.5 million families living in those states, over 390 thousand families had slaves.

The concern by Geoffrey that is what happens when those American children are mostly black and brown; slave labor was used extensively in the plantation sector, allowing receiving the American slave profits. In the first half of the XIX century the national wealth of the United States was largely based on the exploitation of slave labor (Canada, 16-28). During the period from the XVI century to XIX ...
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