Body Chair Massage

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Body Chair Massage


In this study we try to explore the concept of “Body Chair Massage” in the holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Body Chair Massage” and its relation with “Therapeutic Chair Massage”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Body Chair Massage” and tries to gauge its effect on “Therapeutic Chair Massage”. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the complementary medicine modality and describe the brief summary of what that modality is and evaluate the strengths and weakness. The modality chosen by this writer is message and the affects it has on healing and complementary effects of other treatments. There are many types of message therapies that are implemented through modern chairs that offer these massages and gaining an understanding of how and when it is appropriate can be beneficial to the affected patient. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “Body Chair Massage” and tries to describe the overall effect of “Body Chair Massage” on “Therapeutic Chair Massage”.

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Portable Massage Chair12

Benefits of massage therapy and massage chairs13

Comprehensive research has demonstrated that there are three central reasons why massage is beneficial:14

Places and Prices16


Where to massage17

How to massage17

After treatment18


Strengths and Weaknesses23





Is It Effective?28

Chair massage catering your trouble spots28



Body Chair Massage


History and Overview

David Palmer popularized chair massage in 1980's and he created first massage chair to be traded on market. Chair massage has been around allotment longer than that, and it will start to augment more in engaged world of ours. Chair massage is not greatest period utilised for giving massage in special chair (People have notified me “How manage you massage chair?”), but there are many other names utilised for same thing: Corporate massage, Off-site massage or Outcall massage. (Saltmarsh 2006)

Chair massage is short massage and anywhere from five to 30 minutes, finished by clothes. Chair massage is usually concentrated on main areas of stress in back, neck, and bears and arms. Professional Massage Chair practitioners will chair massage in specially conceived ergonomic Massage Chair.


Need of Massage

Levels of stress in workplace emerge to be at an all-time high. Analysts accept as factual this is outcome of longer hours, shorter deadlines, and apparently unattainable goals. Stress may be unavoidable in its entirety in today's work natural environment, but there are numerous avenues to discover to assist ease stress. Some procedures may work better for distinct persons than others; either way, stress respite is absolutely crucial to sustaining the wholesome work natural environment and lifestyle.

Stress can be induced by the broad kind of sources. Stress in workplace is most routinely outcome of confrontation, deadlines, long hours, and presentation expectations. Carissa Mire (2006) composes, "you're one of millions in U.S. workplaces considering with more and more stress, certain thing professionals state is outcome of longer hours to reimburse for the decline in assets and supplemented competition" ("Dealing with stress", p. 1). Due in large to these alterations in work air, stress grades are higher than ...
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