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Body Image


Body image is the inner conception of an individual regarding his or her own corporeal facade. This conception might or might not correlate with the objective veracity of an individual. Every individual idealizes an individual with a perfect body image, and then he or she evaluates that person's appearance. An individual who is completely pleased with his or her body image is supposed to have a positive self image. The psychosomatic erect of body image includes emotional and cognitive aspects, along with the sensory inputs. For instance, if an individual modifies his or her own idea regarding their body image according to their emotional state, as well as the reactions of other people in the surroundings.

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Body Image


In this research paper we will discuss the social factors of dissatisfaction that the women have with their body image. Body image is analyzed from the perspective of the modern sociological concepts. There is a significant relationship of certain amount of the body image disorders along with the post industrial society. As substantially in the post industrial society most attention is paid towards the idea of the body, along with certain features of the modern body. This research paper is committed towards the examination of certain social factors, and specially the social media which is responsible of development of certain factors responsible for the development of body dissatisfaction among women. Body image is analyzed from a perspective of modern sociological theories. The relationship between body image and specific character of postindustrial society is grounded. However, special attention is focused on the concept of a body as the project of the self and features of modern bodily canon (Watkins, 2009).


Social comparison of the body image hugely affects the body image of a woman, because it directly affects the self knowledge of an individual which is a factor that is directly accessible, and a factor which can be served as the basis for the evaluation of gen in the self sense. Therefore it could rightfully be said, that a social comparison could either affect in a negative or under some circumstances positive manner, these are largely dependent on whether social comparison results in assimilation or contrast. With assimilation, the focus on the similarities between the self and another, and an upward comparison will result in a positive self-evaluation and a downward comparison to a negative self-evaluation. A contrast effect occurs when anyone starts to identify the differences between her and others. In this situation, an upward comparison results in a negative self-evaluation and a downward comparison towards a positive self-evaluation (Grogan, 1999). The social comparison that is mostly made by women includes comparisons such as; the appearance of certain models or characters in television, or magazines with a slim and perfect body image. The woman starts to ask questions from themselves such as;

Who is more beautiful?

Who is more attractive?

Am I as attractive as the character or model?

However, the fact that how a person looks ...
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