Body Shop Philanthropy

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Body Shop Philanthropy


Twenty-three years after opening its first store in Brighton, England, by the very energetic Anita Roddick, The Body Shop opened its new generation of shopping, world exclusive in the center of Lille. The UK market was already acquired. On the other hand, the French market, a stronghold of cosmetics and perfumery, was in the most demanding consumers. So it was a challenge and insurance, if it works well there, so the concept will work well elsewhere. The stores all green, which had sentenced the nickname "green box" in the UK, have increased in a standard format for twenty years. In 1998, more than 400 stores worldwide had received a facelift that aimed to create a stronger visual impact. The growing enthusiasm for philanthropy in life is largely a result of rapid wealth creation in recent years and its unequal distribution.


A pioneer in the use of ingredients from fair trade, ethical behavior and activist fighting against animal testing, The Body Shop, is inspired by nature for the design of its beauty products. Since late August, the brand has introduced a new signature, a reflection of its philosophy, "Nature's way to beauty". The occasion also to prove it advances in its program of "Community trade" since the next two years the brand provides that 80% of its products are made from fair trade ingredients.

3R Rule and Philanthropy

Remains today, the ecological and ethical arguments are increasingly popular with the public. The rule of "3 Rs" (reuse, recycle and recharge), already applied to packaging, is practiced in Lille in the shop itself. With the use, of unusual materials such as chipboard panels of hemp for demonstration tables, recycled yoghurt pots for stools, plastic, recycled pavers and wall panels of driftwood. Recycled materials, like concrete floors and original raw materials, recovered "old" wooden crates ...
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