Book Report On 'terrorism How To Respond' by Richard English

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Book Report on 'Terrorism How to Respond'

By Richard English


This paper intends to analyze the book “Terrorism How to Respond" by Richard English through various perspectives in order to acquire the better understanding of the subject addressed. This book tends to address the issue of terrorism in a very unique way. In the end an effort will be made to constitute a meaningful conclusion.

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Book Report on 'Terrorism How to Respond' by Richard English


The book 'Terrorism How to Respond' paints the picture regarding the post 9/11 scenario and the way war against terrorism has failed to serve its purpose. The author argues about the fact that the policy adapted to curb the terrorism has failed and there is a need to change the policies in order to address the international terrorism. The authorities in charge have not learnt any lesson from the past thus there is a greater need to look into the past and frame the policy by keeping in view the past experiences. This will allow the subject of terrorism to be understood in detail, it will help to deal with this issue in a much more effective and efficient way. In this book Richard English attempts to address those perspectives which have been ignored in the past to deal with the terrorism by incorporating the long lessons extracted from the pages of the history.

This book attaches great importance to the historical perspective in order to understand how terrorism whether globally or domestically establishes itself. Moreover, it also sheds light on the factors regarding the different methods through which the terrorism tends to survive the course of the history along with the ways to curb it. This book tends to provide a much deeper understanding of the terrorism and especially the international terrorism as compared to the understanding injected in us by the international media. However, the fact should be kept in mind that the author also tends to have a strong grip on Irish Terrorism and politics. Most importantly this book tends to stress on the fact that in order to deal with the issue of terrorism internationally the players who tend to matter needs to be more honest and serious in their approach.


Moreover, any terrorist activity has a background attached to it and cannot take place in a day. Thus if we need to deal with the terrorism it also requires to deal with those issues which tends to give birth to a terrorist. This book also provides its readers with a lot of research regarding the terrorist organizations around the world. Precisely Richard English in the book “Terrorism: How to Respond” caters to one of the most significant issues of the modern world in a very effective manner. This book not only addresses the issue of international terrorism from different perspectives but it also paves the way for the tools which can prove helpful in eliminating this evil from our ...
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