Book Review On Quality Research Papers By Nancy Jean Vyhmeister

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Book Review on Quality Research Papers by Nancy Jean Vyhmeister

Book Review on Quality Research Papers by Nancy Jean Vyhmeister

Introduction of the book

One of the remarkable literary pieces of Nancy jean Vyhmeister is famous in the field of research paper and dissertation writing with the title of “Quality Research papers”. The book is written specifically for the students of theology and helps them as a guide from the point of start of writing a quality term paper, dissertation and other research work till its completion.

About the author

Nancy Vyhmeister has a teaching experience of about forty years and this experience is not only confined within the boundaries of United States but expand to the whole globe. She has taught future ministers and professors all around the world. She has expertise in the field of research and writing. The literary work produced by her was written in both English and Spanish language.

Summary of the book

The book covers all the steps that are of importance for a researcher at the time of writing a quality research paper of other research work. These steps includes

Selecting a particular subject and topic and narrowing it to an area of research that is of workable nature.

Effective use of the library and computer resources and composition of the notes that are clear and relevant

The proper organization of thoughts and putting these ideas in a proper sequence

Formatting of the paper including the way to give credit to the resources by including the footnotes and bibliography.

The way of presenting specific literature review including the surveys and case studies

The way of using and incorporating the tables, statistics and graphs in the research paper

The book is very well organized providing help to the researchers with the help of examples and is written by the author by keeping the needs of a theological student into consideration. In short, Quality Research papers could serve as a single stop desktop guide that will help the researcher in writing a quality crafted paper.

The content that is made a part of the book is very much suitable for the students who are a part of university where no specific course related to research and thesis writing is being taught. The book includes the details of each step of research paper writing in an illustrative manner. Being written for the students of theology, the book can be helpful for any type of research being done with in the confines of religious instructions of Christianity. The instructions that are included by the author in her book give instruction even about very basic concepts of conducting and writing a research work. The book is of great help to those who are entering the field of theology from some other background with an inclination to conduct a research work within the field of religion. In this manner, one can also gain knowledge about the way a theological research paper differentiates from the research papers of other types. It will not be wrong to say that Quality Research Papers itself illustrates the importance ...
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