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The Peace Maker

The Peace Maker


In the peacemakers, Ken Sangde conflict resolution, presented the actual, the real solution to the conflict beyond the change of life in family, colleagues, church reconciliation guide your Bible. "'Blessed are the peacemakers, ' Jesus said,.

He highly recommend with clarity that this manual lays out before us the wisdom to lead people to bless the humble soul. "Ji packer, I know God's" alive and writing today, I know no more reliable guide to peace in the church and family than Ken Sande. "- John Piper, pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church" peacemaker, is a question of how to obey God's word can be changed in the family, churches, workplaces, streets, and even the actual prison, and the resumption of the stalled primer faithful. "- Charles W Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship" Ken Sand hostility prompted us to take action for our culture redemptively and how their relationship this. A modern classic! "- Timothy George, executive editor, Christianity Today's" peacemaker is a practical, biblical guide to solve various types of rich source of conflict. "- Tony Evans, pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Church." This is a little book, readers will remind every Christian, God, in all, the settlement enterprise, and servant is not greater than his master even more. "Three-dimensional. James Kennedy, pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church" The best guide to how I've been a Christian settlement of the conflict appear. ) Ministries (

He often conciliates business, family, employment, church disputes, as pastor and lawyers as consultants, they settled out of court conflict. Ken Bible seminars throughout the United States to resolve the conflict. Jesus said: "Blessed are the peacemakers." But it often seems to be inevitable conflicts and differences. Serious conflict is everywhere divided family, church, in this world. Seems unlikely, it can be in our lives, to overcome its negative force. In the peacemakers, Ken Sangde propose a conflict resolution designed to bring a comprehensive and practical theology is not only a cease-fire, but also unity and harmony. Sand really need to go beyond conflict resolution to change the lives of family members, colleagues, church reconciliation readers. Based on the Bible, the peacemakers, is wisdom and piety, they can easily be applied to any useful relationship between the need for a comprehensive settlement proposal. Experience as a lawyer, and as president of the peacemakers will enhance the reader's confidence in the Sande of the year, as they stood in the gap as peacemakers. Ken Sangde contributed peacemaker: a biblical guide to resolve personal conflicts as a writer. Ken Sangde is the president and peacemaker ministries and best-selling author of the mediator. He often conciliates business, family, church disputes, as pastor and lawyers as consultants, they settled out of court conflict. Concrete Response

War God's tool to deepen our relationship with him. "Whenever we face conflict, which forced you to show God." I believe in God enough to do to resolve the conflict? Or as long as my opponent did not seem to listen to? ...
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