Bpm Financial Model Feasibility

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BPM Financial Model Feasibility

Table of Contents

BPM Financial Modelling5

1.1.Introducing BPM Financial Modelling5

Model Objective7

2.1.Model Objective7

2.2.Model Keys8

2.2.1.Formats & Styles Key8

2.2.2.Sheet Naming Key9

2.2.3.Range Naming Key10



2.3.Using the Model13

2.3.1.Data Entry13

2.3.2.Error & Alert Checks14

Model Overview17

3.1.Model Schematic17


4.1.General Assumptions19

4.2.Operational Assumptions20

4.3.Financing Assumptions23

4.3.1.Debt Facilities24

4.3.2.Equity Assumptions26

4.4.Dividend Assumptions26

4.5.Taxation Assumptions27

4.6.Opening Balance Sheet Assumptions29



5.2.Taxation Outputs32

5.3.Dividend Outputs32

5.4.Income Statement33

5.5.Balance Sheet33

5.6.Cash Flow Statement34

5.7.Summary Financial Statements35

5.8.Investor Returns35



6.1.1.Cash Flow Dashboard37

6.1.2.Project Summary Dashboard38

6.1.3.Leverage Dashboard39

6.1.4.Operations Dashboard40


The case study presented in this paper is based on BPM financial modelling and its application on decision making for purchasing a land in Sydney, Australia. Even though international property accounts for 37 per cent of the total world investable wealth, the potential role and benefits of land property in a mixed-asset portfolio has received little attention in recent years. This is due primarily to the limited, valuation-based performance indices which are available for international property. Similarly, while a large amount of information is available concerning the general financial decision-making process and criteria for land property investment, limited information is available concerning international property investment and financial strategies, and property finance decision-making processes. To focus on institutional investor attitudes and perceptions to Australian land investment and the subsequent financial implications of these decisions. Being hired as an advisor at a property development firm in Australia, I have to advice the financial team for devising cut throat strategy to attract customers.

BPM Financial Modelling

Introducing BPM Financial Modelling

BPM Financial Modelling (BPM) is a business that focuses exclusively on the provision of Best Practice spreadsheet modelling products and services to the market including:

Standards (Best Practise Spreadsheet Modelling Standards)

Tools (bpmToolbox and bpmModules for Microsoft Excel)

Training (training courses for beginner to advanced)

Services (spreadsheet model development, advice or reviews for any purpose)

Support (email, telephone, on-site)

BPM is the first spreadsheet modelling service provider to develop, apply and make freely available comprehensive, universal Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards and methodologies, which we apply to all of our services and products. In this regard BPM is causing a revolution in the spreadsheet modelling sector by significantly raising expectations as to spreadsheet modelling quality, efficiency, user-friendliness and functionality, whilst simultaneously reducing the time and cost associated with spreadsheet model development, maintenance and usage.

BPM's people have extensive experience at the forefront of the spreadsheet modelling sector, having worked closely with governments, companies, banks, property developers, rating agencies and other organisations in many industry sectors all over the world. BPM can build any form of Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet model for any purpose in any industry.

BPM also provides spreadsheet modelling training courses and support services to investment banks, commercial banks, advisors, corporate entities, property developers and Governments. We have also developed the world's most comprehensive set of spreadsheet development tools (bpmToolbox and bpmModules for Microsoft Excel). BPM training, tools and support are already being used by a number of large companies, investment banks, accounting firms, commercial banks, governments and global advisors.

Since 2005 BPM has been establishing itself as not only a leading spreadsheet modelling service provider in its own right, but as the provider of training, tools and support to the peak spreadsheet modelling service providers in the ...
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