Brand Marketing Strategy

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Brand Marketing Strategy

Brand Marketing Strategy


Fashion is extremely important to a society because it involves the tastes, reveals the character of the society mainly in the field of clothing, and it is something that helps us see how we live. Since fashion has become an important part of people's lives all over the world, the industry has to face the challenge of marketing fashion products in the most creative manner. Fashion marketing is all about attracting the target audience and capitalizing on the choices, demands and tastes of the target audience so that they continue purchasing products. For instance, fashion market targets a group of people and assesses their likes and dislikes regarding fashion as well as their consumer behavior (Grubb, 2006, 22).

Furthermore, the Internet has totally changed the way fashion industry operates in the contemporary world as now everyone has become fashion-savvy because of easy access to fashion websites and online shopping stores, so the phenomenon of going for a 'designer wear and brand consciousness' is no more confined to the elite because of fresh and novel marketing strategies of the fashion industry which has changed the way people perceive fashion as an important part of their lives. Since every year, additional brands introduced into the market and the existing brands try to come up with creative and innovative ideas so that customers retained as well as new customers attracted toward purchasing the brand. Branding is extremely important for a brand's customer retention, expansion as well as achieving a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The market over saturated with different brands flooding the market shelves every year. This results in an overwhelming competition in the market, and as a result, companies have to carry out yearlong planning and market research to come up to customer satisfaction so that the clientele retained and such strategies employed that customers can be attracted toward the brand. Another strategy is to go toward brand extension, whereby a renowned brand enters into a new product category with the same brand name or extend the line of the same brand. It is necessary for companies to develop a creative marketing strategy, however, with the passage of time and technological development and globalization, there was large-scale production, improvement of quality, and competition appeared in all the countries of the world.

Under these circumstances, world consumer markets of most countries have large displays of products. In today's world fashion, products bought, not sold. This is due to globalization, the vast amount of information and advertising which gives consumers a lot of options to choose from. As the value of the brand is a very important asset for the company, it is necessary to have full know-how about it. In this regard, it is important to remember that a brand is a concept or idea that consumers have in their mind, but owned by a company, and that branding is the process by which the brand is differentiated from the rest (Coelho, 2010, 595).Internet and social media use

Undoubtedly, technological advances that occurred in recent years have ...
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