Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Care Western Australia

. Breast cancer is the cancer that is most diagnosed cancer in women worldwide, both before and after the menopause. One woman in 9 women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime, and 1 woman in 27 will die.

Breast Cancer Care Western Australia is a charity organization and they provide Financial, Moral and emotional support and care to people which is affected by breast Cancer. This charity organization was founded by Ros Worthington. This organization has been providing support to patient of breast cancer since 2000.Governemnt do not give any financial support to Breast Care Cancer Western Australia, this organization entirely believe ay Western Australia Community, they provide range of service for affecting people, without take any charges .The staff of this organization are well experienced and belonged to different background, who share a common passion for making a difference in the Western Australian Community.


Breast Cancer Care Western Australia provides services with different ranges and it is especially design for improving some of the mentally stress that it may be faced after diagnosis of breast cancer, during treatment of breast cancer and in the long term.

Breast Cancer Care also emphasized at spreading the knowledge about breast cancer ad diagnosis of breast cancer. This organization gives the education to community for increasing the awareness and early detection of breast cancer.

This organization provides these type of services which are mentioned below:

Nurses who are specialist in breast care

Provide Counselor which is counsel the patient of breast cancer

Provide financial assistance


Breast Cancer Care Western Australia conduct different workshops for spreading awareness regarding breast cancer and this charity organization works with world health canters through these workshops.

Early detection

Early detection of any disease, it can save lives and better cure of this disease. Breast Cancer can better cure in early stages that are the reason Breast Cancer Care Western Australia great focus at educating the community about breast cancer.

Western Australia Community

Breast Care Cancer does not take any financial support by Government and totally depend upon Western Australia Community to its work. Sponsorship and donation are the live sources for of the assistance and they provide support services to affected people. Different fundraising campaign held by this organization such as:

Long Lunch Table

The Long lunch Table was held in April. It was not only lunch; it is lunch for those women who have survived after treatment of breast cancer.

Purple Bra Day

Purple Bra Day was held in June .It was awareness and fund raising campaign, men and women was wearing purple bras at top of their clothes for a day and receiving sponsorship from colleagues, family and friends.

Cocktail party

Breast Cancer Care Western Australia conducted cocktail party for fundraising on 21st April, 2012 at Rydges Hotel.

Kellee Mulhern was a patient of Breast Cancer

In 2009, on her 40th birthday, she received the devastating news that she had breast cancer. After a left breast lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation, Kellee thought she had beaten the disease, and for two years, ...
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