Breast Feeding Rates Among Teenagers

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Breast Feeding Rates Among Teenager

Breast Feeding Rates Among Teenagers


The breastfeeding rate most recently recorded in France is currently 50.1% of women breastfeeding their newborn child out of motherhood. France has a the lowest rates in Europe, and it tends to increase every year, it is far from achieving the generalization of breastfeeding experienced by the Scandinavian countries where over 90% women breastfeed their children at birth. The benefits of breastfeeding for the child and his mother's health, are now established and disseminated to a wide audience, medical or not. Concerns regarding health and food safety of their children are currently in serious young mothers. What explains this paradox that women do not choose "what is best for their child "as trying to recommend various measures to promote breastfeeding? Primary care practitioner for continuity of care out of motherhood, taking support the mother-child as a whole, thereby contributing to health promotion service, the GP seems to occupy an important place to promote breastfeeding in France. What is it really? What role are women willing to grant him in this intimate bond they forged with their newborn child? The GP is sufficiently trained to provide appropriate responses to difficulties women might encounter during their breastfeeding? After recalling the properties of breast milk and its health benefits, we will specify the actual reasons for the choice and non-choice of breastfeeding with a score of interviews with young motherhood in mothers. We try to understand the motivations and reasons for choice of feeding their child. We will consider their expectations of information and assistance their project of breastfeeding from health professionals and particular GP. We will endeavor to clarify the role of GPs in promoting breastfeeding and offer a training program for general practitioners for better support for breastfeeding women and the difficulties they meet. Informed and confident in their ability to feed their children, supported and encouraged in their project, assisted in an effective and suitable in case of difficulties or physical encountered psychological, mothers may well flourish in this role to breastfeed their own and become the best arguments for the promotion of breastfeeding France.

Objective of the article

Many European countries have rates of breastfeeding at birth above 90%: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Romania, Turkey. Germany and Italy show a rate of 85%, UK 63%, Luxembourg 74%. Only Ireland has a lower rate to France with 34% against 50.1%. The duration of breastfeeding varies widely: the median durations for countries whose rates breastfeeding at birth exceeded 90%, ranging from 3 months to Switzerland (similar length for the United Kingdom where only 63% of infants are breastfed at birth) at 6 months for Denmark and 12 months for Turkey.

From prehistoric times until about the nineteenth century, newborn babies have been fed exclusively (or almost exclusively) with human milk. Breastfeeding Breastmilk is the bio-cultural phenomenon par excellence (Stuart-Macadam and Dettwyler, 1995) as well as being a natural biological process, is contextualized as conduct part of the ...
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